In 2019, BeLong To teamed up with IAPI, RTE and multiple contributors to deliver the #ComeIn Campaign – a way in which people could show their solidarity and support for the LGBTI+ community during Stand Up week.

…because if everyone came in, nobody would have to come out.

With your help, we can encourage second-level schools and others across Ireland to join us and take a stand against homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying by choosing to Come In during Stand Up Week on November 16th – 20th.

Where you come IN
Where you come IN

This year we’re giving you a way of showing that you have come in.

We’re giving you this icon, so that if you want to let the world know that you’ve come in, you can.

But the icon isn’t finished. It’s been left incomplete so that you can put on the finishing touches yourself.

We’re asking you to take our symbol and re-interpret it in your own way, incorporating your own personal style and (if you want) your own story or journey and what it means to you.

Download the icon artwork

Download Campaign Assets
Download Campaign Assets

Feel free to use it how you like – as long as the icon itself is still clear and represented and share your work on social to show your support on Stand Up Week using the hashtag #ComeIn

It is easy for anyone to interpret or design this logo in their own way, which also represents something the campaign stands for – that anyone can chose to ‘Come In’, and we hope you will too.