This November we are holding an election for two vacancies on our eleven member board as Fiona Field and Jamie Fulham reach the end of their time on the board. We are immensely grateful for all the support, time and resources they've shared with IAPI over the years helping us with all our initiatives.

The key skillsets needed on the IAPI Board for the next 3 years are:

  • Agency Leader
  • Futureheads Chair

You can read more about each role here.

We are thrilled to say that 12 nominations have been received and the nominees election pitches are listed below.

This year, we are asking each member agency to vote for their preferred candidates for each of the 2 vacancies from the below nominees.

Ballot papers will be issued to each agency by IAPI CEO Charley Stoney on 4 November. Ballot papers must be returned by Monday 21 November and the results will be announced at the IAPI AGM on 29 November.

We wish them all the very best of luck.

Nominee Details
Nominee Details

The five nominees putting themselves forward for the Agency Leader position on the IAPI Board are:

The seven nominees putting themselves forward for the Futureheads Chair position on the IAPI Board are:

Chris Cashen​
Chris Cashen​

Title: Managing Partner - Strategy

Company: Mindshare


I was introduced to this profession when my dad would allow me to tag along for an outdoor inspection route he was doing at the weekend. My initial motivation was the reward of scrambled eggs and toast for an early start, but it was only a short time until I caught the bug.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Studies and then an MBA in Marketing at DCU. My agency journey has footprints in creative agencies in AFA O'Meara and McConnell's, then media specialists with Dentsu, to full service with Javelin and finally, making my way back to media (albeit with a new guise). In the famed 'Madison Avenue Manslaughter', Michael Farmer promoted an upgraded 'strategic brand and performance consulting' capability to the front end of their resource offering. I now spearhead the strategy discipline in Mindshare.

As well as spending the best part of my professional life to date in agencies, I have my own media matters column in, which I have contributed for nearly six years. I have shared my love of the profession through industry podcasts, contributed to the 'Insights from a Planner' series (with IAPI), and countless other initiatives.

Election Pitch:

This business deeply intertwines with my roots and is one I am passionate about representing members as we confront our future. My primary motivation as a potential IAPI board member is to support the initiatives run by IAPI that point to the agency's progress as our discipline evolves.

The skills that helped us grow into the industry we see today are incomparable to what will help us develop to meet the needs of what lies ahead. The breadth of my experience gives me unique insight into what Irish Advertising Agencies demand. That began in creative agencies, then media agencies, and includes full-service offerings.

I am familiar with agencies' operations of every size, shape, and structure. That rounded view gives me a unique perspective on representing members' collective interests.

I feel a deep sense of duty towards advertising practitioners. I constantly write about areas confronting our profession and obsess about our position as we move forward. Unprecedented transformation is underway, and continued response is paramount. We need to arm members with how to respond to them with the same spirit of ingenuity which got us here. That will only benefit our members.

Gareth Fitzpatrick
Gareth Fitzpatrick

Title: Managing Director

Company: Havas Media


I am currently Managing Director of Havas Media. I have held this position from January 2018 to present and in that time we have grown from a team of 17 to 38. I joined Havas Media as Head of Trading in April 2016.

Prior to Havas Media I was deputy Managing Director in IPG Mediabrands where I spent 8 years of my career in roles such as Head of Trading, Analytics, Broadcast Manager and Media Buyer.

I started my career in March 2006 in sales at TV3.

My core focus as an agency leader is on talent development and innovative media solutions, both of which have been instrumental in the growth of Havas Media over the past 5 years.

Election Pitch:

My focus as an IAPI board member would be on:

Industry Talent

  • to ensure we continue to provide working conditions that encourage our younger colleagues to remain and thrive in the industry. We can do this by continuing to invest in mental health services but also encourage peer and mentor relationship across the industry, something I would be keen to foster. It’s also important that we offer opportunities in our industry to individuals with diverse backgrounds, from a cultural, educational, and economic standpoint.


  • this is obviously at the forefront of everyone’s mind right so we need urgency and direction for our industry to achieve its goals over the coming years and I feel I can provide both having been involved in the recent launch of Havas sustainability offering, Genus, in the Irish market.

My experience as a young leader in this industry has taught me that personal success is not achieved alone, and I have been very fortunate to have had a number of peers and mentors who have supported me throughout my career. My ambition is to provide a framework for people to get such support and advice that can help them achieve their professional ambition.

Gareth Irvine​
Gareth Irvine​

Title: Digital & Sustainable Business Director

Company: OLIVER


A senior commercial, growth & brand Marketing Director. Over 20 years performance digital & brand marketing experience both agency & client side, managing teams responsible for full funnel lead generation, market share growth & optimisation of multi million euro budgets. An “open to challenge” communicator who builds high performance, agile & resilient teams. Currently "cautiously obsessed" with personally learning Web3 & the role of tokenisation as a brand utility enabler. I seek to positively impact teams, P&Ls & the Planet.

Election Pitch:

I am attracted to the IAPI board “Agency Leader” opportunity, by the motivation to help support IAPI agencies and clients shape their future business models & consumer connections. I believe that this can only be achieved at scale and at pace with strategic advertising agency partnerships and a “marketing consent” approach to adding brand value.

With +25 years in performance marketing (client & agency side) I believe that accurately measured return on advertising investment ultimately makes the collective agency USP stronger, more respected and more attractive to marketing professionals. It is the ultimate client / agency Win:Win, one that cements long term partnerships, delivers C-suite respect (increased marketing and “cost of sale” budgets) and elevates the quality of consumer facing marketing communications across the Island & internationally.

Beyond “communications that connect”, I believe that the biggest challenge that faces IAPI members is to help all those in the industry to maximise the opportunity presented by the “Internet of Value” or Web3 at the majority currently refer. I have personally invested thousands of hours in self education in this area over the past 2-3 years. Equally I have a personal passion for Sustainable business and also I&D within the extended advertising community and beyond.

Lorraine Kinsella​, Chief Trading & Investment Officer, dentsu
Lorraine Kinsella​, Chief Trading & Investment Officer, dentsu

Title: Chief Trading & Investment Officer

Company: dentsu


Lorraine is a very experienced media agency professional, with 18 years of experience working in various Irish media agencies, most notably in dentsu with her current role as Chief Trading and Investment Officer. Driven by passion and tenacity for her work, she takes huge pride in negotiating and delivering the best media pricing possible for the entire portfolio of dentsu clients. In truth, she absolutely loves her job and relishes every opportunity for a negotiation, and never shirks from the difficult conversation. In additional to her primary job, Lorraine has been recognised by the wider dentsu community for her extraordinary commitment to their environmental committee, aka ‘Team Planeteers’, where she applies the same level of grit and determination, she uses in her media negotiations to saving the planet, one small project at a time. In her early years she was given the nickname the office “conscience”, which still stands true to this day, as she is passionate about the people part of the business and fiercely believes in the concept of ‘fair play’.

Election Pitch:

I am applying for the Agency Leader position on the IAPI Board, a role for which I believe I can contribute to based on having 18 years’ experience working across Irish media agencies. I am a passionately believe that this business has a great future am willing to assist in maintaining and building on the professional standards required of us from our members and clients but also the wider community. As well as having experience in media, I graduated from BCFE with a BA in Media Production and Management in conjunction with DCU in 2004, which feels like many light years ago, and I am now looking to use the knowledge gained so far in my career to further help my peers across the industry and indeed the clients we work so hard for to promote our industry as one that is recognised and indeed respected as being of the upmost professionalism, and I feel this position on the IAPI panel offers me the ideal opportunity to achieve this goal.

I have a wealth of knowledge across both offline and online media, which serves me well in my current role as Chief Trading and Investment Officer in dentsu Ireland. In truth, I absolutely love my job, I have a passion and tenacity for all things trading and Investment and absolutely relish every opportunity to negotiate on behalf of dentsu; looking across the industry to my peers in similar roles it is a male dominated part of the media business but it’s one where I happily exist and indeed flourish. I can assure you I will apply my natural grit and determination to this Agency Leader position on the IAPI board if successful. The future of the planet is a big focus of mine and I am the Senior Leader committee sponsor of our dentsu environmental committee, aptly called ‘Team Planeteers’. Team Planeteers have been successful in many grass roots initiatives, including but not limited to getting bees on the roof of our office in Haddington St, harvesting our own “Show me the Honey” dentsu honey, planting a wildflower garden in front of the office to feed the said bees and putting in place our own dentsu branded communal bikes etc. etc. We also publish our own bimonthly newsletter which offers us the perfect vehicle to promote positive examples of our clients and indeed our media partners environmentally focussed work. There is so much work to do in this area and I am passionate that with incremental small changes and a spirit of collectivism we can do amazing things and set a real responsible example for the wider community.

In addition to my media planning and buying experience, I also have strong administrative, communication, problem solving and time management skills. I also am a natural contrarian, albeit a mostly pleasant one and am definitely a straight shooter, I won’t always just simply align with the majority, I do like to apply critical analysis and challenge consensus and I am honest about this, and not afraid to be wrong. I am a believer in open, honest and constructive debate. This broad background makes me an ideal candidate for this position, and I believe I will bring flexibility, efficiency, reliability, and innovation to the IAPI board.

Mary Power
Mary Power

Title: Group Media Director

Company: Media 365


As Group Media Director at Media 365 one of Irelands leading Media Buying Agencies, Mary has delivered many successful media campaigns with her work across all media platforms for her varied client portfolio.

Mary’s media experience also includes the management of media planning and implementation of media spends, working with highly experienced creative design and production teams to deliver customer-focused campaigns. Through her large network team, she produces interesting and innovative campaigns on Radio, TV and Digital mediums. Mary has a proven track record in both traditional and digital media.

Mary has held Senior positions in the radio industry before starting her own media agency in 2018. Prior to this Mary has a strong background in Travel and was a biweekly contributor on Ireland AM’s “Unravel Travel” series.

Election Pitch:

As you can see from my bio, I have held various roles within the industry and have had and continue to have a long and successful career. I am very much aligned with the goals and focus of IAPI, and I would like to use the skills gained in my career to help IAPI reach its objectives.

I have a huge passion for the industry and feel that my skill set, experience, and vision are very much in line with IAPI’s overall strategy and direction.

I feel Ireland is a leader in the industry with regards to education and employment opportunities and I would like to use my experience in the industry to help promote and attract world class talent and clients.

Adam Brannigan​
Adam Brannigan​

Title: Account Director

Company: Goosebump


Who I Am: In a nutshell, I'm Adam, 30, a Beyoncé enthusiast 🐝 and someone who is always gonna’ be ginger, and never gonna’ be tanned ☀️ Sometimes funny, always confident, and clearly humble.

The investigation continues: Growing up in both Dublin and Cavan, I had to overcome the challenges to be myself. Today it’s important to me to be an active member of the Queer community and try to make positive changes, support people and encourage other to be seen. Activism and trying to make change is something I’ve embraced since I was a little gorge’ gay kid.

My activism doesn’t just extend to Queer issues, but Climate Change, Human Rights issues like supporting and showing up for members of the BIPOC community, advocating for Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health support in our healthcare system, and campaigning for Bodily autonomy which is more important than ever now.

I’m a social person and have built up an amazing network of people who are not just colleagues, past colleagues, suppliers and clients but also friends. A large personal goal for me is to work alongside amazing people and create a culture of support, you know as Beyoncé once sang - “If I surround myself with positive things, I’ll gain prosperity” and I hold this close to my heart with any new role or industry I move into.

Career summary: I’ve over 8 years marketing experience, across both Client and Agency side. Working across a wealth of industries from Retail Marketing as part of the Selfridges Group and Aer Rianta International, DAA. However, I fell in love with Agency life when I joined Chemistry, I soaked it up and every bit of love for agency has grown since. From moving to Goosebump I’ve only continued to grow – now spearheading a large portfolio of Clients including FLYEfit, Hidden Hearing, Kerry Foods/Pilgrims, Bulmers Ireland, Budweiser (ABinBev), MG Motors, and Paralympics.

Election Pitch:

I’m ambitious, high energy, results driven, and an enthusiastic marketer known for my creativity, responsiveness, ability to manage multiple projects concurrently with strong detail, problem solving and follow through capabilities. Bringing forth broad marketing knowledge, coupled with focused campaign experience. Adept at creating and implementing client-centered, successful campaigns, aimed at improving brand awareness and presence.

I pride myself on my strong passion for customer experience, and cultural change, constantly keeping up to date on emerging trends and the Marketing and Advertising industry.

Presently, I’m managing a fantastic group of young people who are just starting their career and mentoring my team is something I take very seriously. Over the years of people managing, I’ve found people miss life changing opportunities because of lack of access to information, and I try to bridge that gap as an information provider, never ‘gate-keeping’, always sharing. This covers stories from my own experience, my network contacts, books and podcasts, sharing them with the team at all relevant opportunities. Truthfully, I’ve found it is really fulfilling seeing young people find their own path in their career.

At Goosebump my role has expanded beyond Account Director, now our very own green champion, having signed up with AdNetZero to further reduce our carbon footprint to zero by 2030, where at Goosebump we’re in the process of moving towards a fully paperless functioning office.

I’m also extremely proud to be the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging officer, recently partnering with the only certified accreditation membership body that strives towards LGBTQIA+ equality throughout, making Goosebump the first agency in Ireland to do so. Something I believe IAPI could bring to all agencies in Ireland.

I feel I am the perfect candidate for the Futureheads Chair, I know I can bring ideas, conversation and support change. It’s a role I see myself in and hope I’ve emulated that in my pitch.

Lauren Kavanagh
Lauren Kavanagh

Title: Innovation and Partnership Director

Company: Omnicom Media Group


After graduating with an M.Sc in Marketing Practice from UCD, Lauren began her career in media on the media planning team, before pivoting into the strategy department where she manages large strategic projects and delivers exceptional innovations for clients such as Red Bull, Volkswagen, Irish Blood Transfusion Service, Specsavers and working on new business wins for Omnicom.

Lauren has been shortlisted in Cannes Young Lions and Rising Star and has won the Power of Press Planning competition alongside contributing to many wins at the DMAs and Media Awards throughout the years.

Lauren joined the IAPI Advisory Panel and Futureheads Committee in 2021 and has volunteered as a Mentor on IAPI Speed Dating evenings for new industry joiners and presented at an Open Doors ‘Break into Advertising’ initiative. Recently Lauren was proud to have participated as a panellist for IAPI for the recent Tensions in the Metaverse webinar.

Lauren is also a member of global Omnicom Committees, acting as a global contributor and recent guest on PHD’s Media Weekly podcast on Spotify, which focuses on keeping marketeers ahead of the game.

She has guest lectured on media strategy and communications at TUD and NCI, while furthering her own education by completing the IAPI / TUD Creative Thinking in Commercial Communications course and Facebook’s Creative Strategy Blueprint exams.

Election Pitch:

I believe that the advertising industry is one of the most exciting and rewarding industries to be a part of. I never tire of pointing something out to my friends and saying ‘That was me! I did that!’. I couldn’t ever imagine feeling that excitement or fulfilment in any other industry – and I want others to feel that sense of pride too!

Currently we are facing a huge industry challenge where we are seeing some of the most creative and innovative thinkers leaving this wonderful industry, for roles in tech which largely do not require their creative thinking skillset. This will have a significant impact on our work and the future of our industry.

A huge focus of mine, should I be fortunate enough to be chosen for this position, will be to concentrate my efforts on how we can develop solutions to retain our creative younger members. I want to reinstate that feeling of pride, excitement, and thrill of seeing your ideas and work on a national stage for the rest of the country to see.

I am currently writing this note to you from the PHD offices in New Zealand. I’m here for two reasons. One, because our industry is largely globally connected, and gives you the freedom and flexibility to combine a love of work and travel together, and two, our industry is unique in the way that it is filled with likeminded, outgoing people with a work hard play hard mentality, hence the second reason I’m here in New Zealand - I’m visiting a friend I met while working in media.

With 6+ years in the industry, I have many examples of leadership and teamwork outside of my day to day role, from time pressured teamwork resulting in winning the Power of Press competition and being shortlisted for Cannes Young Lions, to the long standing encouragement of individuals to stand up and shout about great work they are doing, and even setting up our Omnicom Book Club which is a wonderful way for colleagues from all different departments to connect over a shared interest.

I have worked across many Thought Leadership projects in the Omnicom Media Group, both externally to clients and internally to upskill staff, across categories such as Gaming, TikTok, Connected TV, Negotiation, Creative Thinking and setting Measurement Frameworks, and I have also worked within the new business team on multiple pitches during the past two years.

What I am most proud of, is my work with IAPI so far to date. Supporting and encouraging newer members of the industry is extremely important to me, which is why I joined IAPI Futureheads and IAPI Advisory Panel in 2021.

I have been delighted to work on IAPI initiatives, such as acting as a mentor on IAPI Speed Mentoring evenings and presenting in Open Doors Break into Advertising. I have connected with so many new members to the industry through these sessions, and then on LinkedIn where I have spent time giving interview prep and explaining how the media industry works in general. One of my highlights is when I receive messages saying my tips helped them land a role!

I recently joined the IAPI panel for the Tensions in the Metaverse webinar which was another fantastic example of why our industry is so exciting – we are always at the forefront of emerging trends that will shape the world of communications.

I would love if you chose me to represent the Futureheads as Chairperson, as one of the things I am most enthusiastic about when it comes to my role, is mentoring and encouraging junior members of staff to flourish in our agency and retain our talent to future proof the industry. Between the exciting work which instils a sense of pride, and the network of likeminded people we work with – I couldn’t imagine a better industry to be a part of – and I want to instil that excitement with our younger media colleagues and inspire them to want to pursue a longstanding career in the advertising industry.

Annie McBride
Annie McBride

Title: Senior Account Manager

Company: Droga5 Dublin


After completing a 4-year degree in Business International, I joined Rothco’s Resource department, managing creative & strategy schedules including internal resource requirements.

I joined account management at the end of 2018 and currently work across numerous brands including Aer Lingus (domestic and global) & Electric Ireland.

I am a trained Mental Health Ally and lead our TY Work Experience Programme for two years.

Education: (University & Course)

  • BA Business Studies, International French, Dublin City University, 2014 – 2018
  • International Commerce, EM Strasbourg Business School, France. 2018


  • Droga5 Dublin part of Accenture Song, Senior Account Manager 2022
  • Rothco part of Accenture Interactive, Senior Account Manager, 2020 – 2021
  • Rothco part of Accenture Interactive, Account Manager, 2020 – 2021
  • Rothco part of Accenture Interactive, Account Executive, 2018 – 2020
  • Rothco part of Accenture Interactive, Resource Intern, 2018
  • Owner & Creator, myannies (sunglasses brand), 2016 – Present

Election Pitch:

People are at the heart of what we do. We need to cement this path of success for our future leaders. Since starting in the industry almost five years ago, that has always been an objective of mine. As a Senior Account Manager at Droga5 Dublin, building out our team and developing great talent within the agency has been something I've actively been a part of. I am passionate about inclusion & diversity, believing that as an industry we need to be allies to everyone and lead the way to a better future for all.

In order to grow new talent however, we need to look at how we retain this talent too. Focusing on developing them, building confidence and expertise in their roles. There has been a huge shift in careers and roles across the nation. We understand from data that this is most prevalent in those with 5-7 years' experience, like me. I feel having that understanding and wanting to change it aligns itself with me being successful in this role. I love getting to know people on a personal level and finding the solution to problems and challenges.

Let's also look at effectiveness, Cannes this year in particularly was almost an homage to the beautifully effective work that final got its place of recognition. However, sometimes Cannes, The Effies, The ICADS etc., can feel distant from our younger cohort in the industry. Let's show them how real it can be, both through Cannes Young Lions but also how we speak about these accolades through all our industry communications. We need to further push creative effectiveness as a team. Being able to support on that would be a huge ambition for me in the role.

As the Future Heads Chair, I feel being the ally and source of guidance for our future leaders is at the core of the role. Following from the amazing Jamie, I'd love to be a new set of ears for the team and to bring fresh thinking on how we can continue to be a dynamic & inclusive organisation that guides the next generation of leaders to success.

I would be really honoured to become the next Future Heads Chair and get to help shape the industry for our future leaders alongside the powerhouse that is IAPI. Being from an Creative Agency background, I am used to working with an array of personalities and characters. We are all very like-minded people - striving for great and effective work, we're hungry for the best and to consistently do better but we also all have each other's backs. Having been lucky enough to win a Silver Effie with my team, the feeling is incredible. Let's bring that mentality to the Future Head's role.

Kevin McKay​, Art Director, BBDO Dublin
Kevin McKay​, Art Director, BBDO Dublin

Title: Art Director

Company: BBDO Dublin


I’m an Art Director with a background in Animation & Illustration, having studied at BCFE. I then got a BA in Graphic Design from UH which led me to my first job as a Junior Graphic Designer with a an electronics company. After a year there picking up the practical skills I needed, I knew I wanted to get into more ideas, so I jumped into the Upstarts programme in 2016.

After Upstarts, I traded my full-time job for an internship with Havas Dublin. A tough call at the time but after 10 months interning, I landed myself a job as an Art Director with Verve. After a year working in Verve, I left to go travelling for a bit, came back and landed in Ogilvy Dublin for nearly two years before moving to BBDO Dublin, where you can currently find me.

I’ve won a bunch of ICADs & Sharks but one of the main things I’m proud of is Cold Regards, a greeting card company I founded in 2021. I’m also on the panel of The Side Project, a group set up so creatives can kickstart and share their projects on the side.

Election Pitch:

Why am I putting my name forward for consideration for the Futureheads Chair? I think the reason I’d like to do so, is because I feel I can genuinely help the younger members across IAPI’s membership.

At 26, I wasn’t a typical junior when I was a junior. I didn’t do the Masters and I didn’t have a connection in an agency. I just knew I wanted to get into advertising. Other than Upstarts, there wasn’t really another route in for me. I feel that within the industry, some of the most talented people I’ve worked with have a diverse, often eclectic background - this is partially why they offer unique perspectives and help make genuinely original work. So I feel that through Futureheads we can help advertise advertising as a genuine viable option for younger people studying or working in other sectors will only benefit our industry in the long run.

Another note on diversity as strength, is the industry’s over-reliance on a workforce from South Dublin. Coming from Dunboyne, I was just on the boarder of where was logistically possible to commute from. Like a lot of people from our industry, I started out as an intern. But this isn’t an economically viable option for those further afield than Dublin and its neighbouring counties. I would love to be able to help those who currently face this barrier, to try and get them into the industry.

In terms of how I feel I could help our younger members who are already in the industry, I think I can do so in a variety of ways. Connection is key. Connection to Futureheads as a visible resource and connection of our younger members with one another. We can and should keep promoting training and keep creating content that informs them of the wider industry and the general roles within it. But it’s through connecting with each other than they can evolve the roles they currently hold and holistically, our industry. I don’t think our job at Futureheads should just be about just attracting young people to the industry, there’s a big job in keeping them here. With 45% of IAPI’s members’ employees being under 30, we need to show them their future lies on these shores and within this industry. Otherwise we’re training them up and shipping them either abroad or to other industries. I feel it’s through our younger members feeling genuinely connected to the industry and their potential futures within it that will achieve this.

For the last three terms this position has been held by someone in media. As a creative I feel I can offer a new perspective for the role and hopefully make a genuine impact for our younger members, in the short term but also in the long term to help benefit our industry for the future. Thank you for your consideration.

Jake O'Driscoll​, Creative Director, Boys + Girls
Jake O'Driscoll​, Creative Director, Boys + Girls

Title: Creative Director

Company: Boys + GIrls


Jake O’Driscoll is an internationally awarded creative who started his career in New Zealand and has worked in multiple markets around the world. Having studied Law with a BA in Music and Anthropology from Auckland University, Jake then studied creative advertising at Media Design School and started working at DDB NZ.

In 2018 he moved to his ancestral homeland of Ireland where after a stint with the great folk at The Public House, he moved to Boys + Girls. At B+G, Jake worked across all agency clients, with a particular focus on Three, ŠKODA, Samsung and Diageo. Jake then moved to Australia where he worked at Leo Burnett Melbourne before boomeranging his way back to Dublin in 2022.

Having built a career by harnessing the power of memorable and innovative creative to unlock business effectiveness, it was only natural then that Jake would return to B+G where he is now a Creative Director. This belief has seen his work awarded at Cannes, D&AD, One Show, Clios, ICAD and the global Effies and recently judge the LBB Immortal Awards - but more importantly, it has him excited to see the amazing work Ireland's producing and how he can help the next generation of Irish talent find their place in its industry landscape.

Election Pitch:

I feel I would be good at this role as at my core I've always valued the perspective, energy and opportunity young people bring, and are given, by advertising as a professional industry. I've shown a deep commitment to this by involving myself as a mentor in pathway programs for aspiring advertising creatives in Ireland (ICAD Upstarts), Australia (AWARD School) and New Zealand (MDS CA Diploma). Helping multiple communications grads, artists, writers, marketers and aspiring media people find work in their desired professions.

I also feel like I'd bring an invaluable perspective to the role which could help all parties moving forwards. Firstly, I'm in a unique position where I'm under 30 and hold a senior position within the market - this means I relate to the challenges young people face within such a rapidly changing and evolving industry. But, it also means I'm at an executive level where I know what agencies need from the next generation, and how young people in this industry that haven't been lucky enough to have the experience I've had can weaponise their talent to break into any kind of agency (not just creative ones).

Secondly, I'm part of the Irish diaspora who returned to Ireland to work. I think looking outside our towns, our counties and even our country is going to be a vital next step in developing future generations across the professional industry. I'd look forward to helping anyone from anywhere get their foot in the door in what has become an increasingly geographically centralised market.

Finally, I think my being from a creative agency and creative department would be of benefit as the increasingly multi-faceted and integrated day-to-day goings on in creative agencies gives a helpful knowledge base for anyone in any industry to build from. I know the last two appointees to this role came from a media background, and so a fresh perspective should be welcomed.

​François Vieu​
​François Vieu​

Title: Senior Performance Client Manager

Company: Spark Foundry


I’m a passionate digital marketing professional that brings so much energy and enthusiasm to anything I set my mind to; even if that is taking part in an industry-led Strictly Come Dancing for charity with two left feet, all in front of my peers. My ethos has always been to push my personal and professional boundaries, even when it’s a bit scary!

My career began in France where I secured my first internship as a Production Assistant for an International Art Festival. Anyone who has ever worked with “talent” knows this was no easy feat, but it taught me my first lesson in professional patience. After a brief stop in the Marketing Department of a top 40 French company specializing in electrical manufacturing, armed with a Master’s Degree, I moved to Paris working as an International TV Research Executive for one and a half years first.

I moved to Kantar, where I contributed first-hand to the proven positive impact advertising has for both business and society. I felt a drive to bring my energy to a new challenge and become more involved in the advertising industry. From this point I joined Carat Paris as a Client Manager, were I worked for Governmental accounts which included a range of campaigns going from Anti-Sexual Harassment campaigns that followed the “Me Too” movement to Recruitment for the Air Force.

You might now ask, how did someone originally from a small town in the South of France, working in Carat Paris end up in Ireland. The answer is my drive to push myself and my comfort levels. Having holidayed in Ireland as a child and with the family photos to prove it, I began looking for jobs and saw an advertisement for a job in Spark Foundry, to work on the HSE account. I joined in 2019, and my governmental experience was put to the test in March 2020 with the out-break of Covid-19.

I’m proud of the work that I continue to do, but more so incredibly proud to be a part of the Irish Advertising Industry. It is the home of many innovations and utilises the power of story-telling to reach international recognition. We are at Cannes every year and are the European headquarters for tech where we lead in data legislation.

Election Pitch:

Work with the council to bring back our culture of togetherness

I moved to Dublin right before the summer of 2019, a time of weekly industry events and occasions to both learn from each other and celebrate together. As a Non-Irish National, moving to another country was quite daunting but the great work done by IAPI allowed me to quickly meet mentors, get a network across the industry I could rely on and even make great friends!

However, the last two years have meant little to no opportunities for us to gather physically; challenging the great initiatives the IAPI strive for every day. I will strive to live my ethos of energy and enthusiasm in working with the Futureheads committee we would strive to bring back our culture of togetherness by doing what IAPI does best: hosting events like the Mentor program, Panels of our peers and inspirational professionals, the Cannes Young Lions Competition, and so on.

Champion Hybrid-Working

As Futureheads Chair, I would work to give back to you all the opportunities that I and many of us got to benefit from. Empower us all to learn from each other, develop our talents and work with our industry leaders to voice our challenges in this new hybrid-working ecosystem. Working from home has great benefits, but we are lacking being together in one place. How we work has changed, which can put a strain on members of our business across all levels. I want to create more conversation around this, normalise the fact that hybrid-working causes both challenges and opportunities in our working lives and create discussion and empathy around this.

Ensuring Diversity and Inclusion

Advertising strives to reach all and represent all, which makes it our mission to do so in everything we do. As Futureheads Chair, I will ensure we are advocates for a diverse and inclusive Ireland and work to make our industry one that cares for and empowers multiplicity. I am very passionate about this mission and believe it is IAPI’s mission to set the tone of who we are as an industry. I intend to do this by ensuring diverse panels at our events and promote work produced in Ireland that champions this area.

If the above has not convinced you, remember that if I am willing to dance a foxtrot with two left feet for the benefit of others; you better believe I will whole heartedly defend our interests for the next two years!

Robert White
Robert White

Title: Programme Manager

Company: Edelman


Robert is a Programme Manager in Edelman Global Advisory. Recruited from an Irish pillar retail bank, he joined Edelman in 2019 as a Senior Account Executive. Robert supports his clients by providing strategic counsel, targeted research, legislative analysis, political and regulatory horizon scanning and stakeholder mapping.

Robert has helped prepare senior leaders from pillar retail banks, financial service interest groups and multinational pharmaceutical companies for Oireachtas Committee appearances. The priority throughout all of this work has been to protect the commercial imperatives and reputation of his clients. He has experience in profiling, assessing, and reporting on Oireachtas Committee composition and behaviour, analysing legislation, political and societal stakeholder mapping and key communications material drafting. He has recently curated and edited a daily regulatory, political and media monitoring service which aided a multinational pharmaceutical leadership team make informed and timely communications and strategic positioning decisions as it pursued reimbursement for a landmark gene therapy.

Robert has extensive experience in navigating the Irish and European political, legislative, and regulatory processes, a deep understanding of the workings of the Irish parliamentary system and has partnered with clients across multiple industries from entry level to C-Suite.

Election Pitch:

I see the primary role of the Futureheads chair as ensuring that the IAPI board can put in place the structures and implement policies to help our member agencies and the wider sector attract, develop and retain the best young, diverse and motivated talent available to our industry, at the right time and in the right way.

Having been recruited into Edelman from a pillar bank into a new industry, I spent a number of months as the youngest person in a new office. I remember the sense of uncertainty on my first day, coming to grips with ‘‘industry speak’’, the nuances of office life and the pace of the agency world. Now in my fourth year in Edelman, the memories of my first three years in the industry are still fresh, making me well placed to empathise, appreciate, understand and communicate the challenges faced by the young talent in our industry.

From a personal perspective, my five years’ experience as a competitive heavyweight rowing coach with Trinity College Dublin has taught me the importance of talent attraction, development and retention. I have worked to mentor and develop over 200 athletes in that time, from beginner to senior, both at athletic and personal levels, all with a view to ensuring the long-term improvement and success of the High-performance rowing team. These five years have taught me that success relies on cultural, operational and interpersonal alignment, and I would hope to bring this experience to the role of Futureheads chair .

Looking specifically at the role description of the Futureheads chair, I believe I can add value to IAPI and to the wider industry for the following reasons:

Representing the under 30's voice

I am 26 years old and have been working in the public relations and communications industry since I was 23, with Edelman Ireland, 2020, 2021 and 2022 PRCA agency of the Year. I am professionally positioned between those who would be mentees and those who would be mentors, which is in my view the optimal position to act as facilitator and link between the young and the experienced across the board.

Having completed three years in a market leading agency, I am well placed to help young and new entrants manage common pitfalls (having experienced them all!) as well as speak with authority on the issues young talent face when embarking on a career in our industry.

Development + Networking

I came to this industry by chance, by luck even, as it was not a sector about which I had any knowledge while choosing my career. My time to date in agency has taught me that is a fantastic industry which exposes those working in it to a broad range of people, sectors, countries, and experiences.

I want talent from any background, with any interest and different levels of experience to feel that ours is a career path which is attractive, fulfilling and supportive. The opportunities presented by apprenticeships and internships, school leaver and graduate programmes, can only be realised through increasing awareness of our industry.

My vision as Futureheads chair would be to leverage our industry’s capacity for storytelling, creativity and innovation to attract the broadest, deepest and most engaged talent possible. This is a career which rewards personal perspective, and our industry relies on our ability to speak to audiences where they are in their real lives. It is my belief that attracting talent from school leavers to post-doctoral, from new entrants to career changers, would help IAPI grow and develop the industry for the better.

Information + Integration

The ability to make new talent feel comfortable in their roles, empowered to perform and confident to challenge, comes from ensuring they are informed and engaged. Throughout my time in Edelman, I have worked to ensure that new joiners feel welcome, have fun and enjoy their time in the office. I have done this by acting as a formal touchpoint for those coming into the business, speaking to them from topics as seemingly menial as where to get lunch to as crucial as to how to respond to client requests. My approach is, no question is insignificant, no problem insurmountable. I also really believe in the value of the social side of the office and have helped start informal initiatives such as a cake club and drinks on a Thursday.

I believe the Futurehads chair needs to help IAPI, and the wider sector reach new talent when they are at key decision making junctures in their lives ensuring they realise the diverse and rewarding career agency can provide, as well as how enjoyable a career it actually is.

A contribution I would seek to make as Futureheads chair would be to increase our ability to attract talent at the earliest possible juncture (in schools, in clubs, in community organisations) and have our industry viewed as more than a career for a select few, but a vocation and trade available and open to everyone.

Motivation + Participation

I fully believe in the ideals of diversity, inclusion and happiness within a team, an industry and business. I act as a Livewell ambassador in Edelman, a global internal employee network tasked with championing colleagues’ passions outside of work and advocating for activities, policies and initiatives within the business to increase motivation and participation.

My personal sporting experience has shown me that communal history that is unrelated to the day-to-day activity of a given team or group (work or training etc) is key. Enjoying a coffee/beer outside the office, discussing problems/issues in an environment external to the everyday, a night out; all these things create opportunities to forge relationships and connections that are authentic and sustainable, while also having fun.

My contribution as Futureheads Chair would be to build on pre-existing work to ensure that the young and the experienced alike feel inclined to share insights, experiences and their time with IAPI. IAPI has the potential to become the de-facto space to address the issues our industry faces as well as the organisation known to help our member agencies build cohesion, belonging and buy-in among their team members and I would be grateful for the opportunity to play my part in bringing forward this change.