Member Benefits
Member Benefits

Join IAPI for access to exclusive members-only events, professional development, discounts and, of course, the free stuff. It’s classy, exclusive, well connected – everything you could ask for from a private member’s club.

Most importantly though, join us to add your voice and make sure your industry is respected and valued.

We would love you to join the 50+ companies that are already enjoying IAPI membership and helping shape the work that we do.

What’s in it for you?

A Voice

IAPI works on your behalf when it comes to all the structures that support our industry. As individual agencies or individuals we are weak, but as a group we can speak with a strong voice. We lobby politicians and policy makers at a national and European level on business issues critical for you. See advocacy.

Essential up to date knowledge

Members receive regular member updates via our monthly e-newsletter, this website, our blog and on Twitter. We keep you up to date on policy campaigns, industry news and regulatory changes.

Build a network

Even with the latest training and qualifications provided by IAPI, you can’t do it alone. You need a network. Your membership gives you a means to build your own network at our varied programmes of talks and seminars.

Free member events are held each month covering a range of industry related topics. You can find out more about our upcoming events on the events calendar.

Ready to join?
Ready to join?

It’s simple.

  • Download and complete the corporate membership application form
  • Undergo financial & legal checks
  • Have your application approved by the IAPI Board
“If IAPI wasn’t around we would have to invent it, such are the collective challenges facing our industry”

- Liam McDonnell, CEO Dentsu Aegis Media