IAPI Membership
IAPI Membership

Becoming an IAPI member means that you are joining the most pro-active and collaborative group of businesses working in the Commercial Creative and Communications industry.

IAPI’s purpose is to promote the industry as a vital part of Ireland’s future growth as we believe that our members provide the long-lasting, strategic and creative thinking for clients’ brands that is transformative.

Membership provides you with:
Membership provides you with:
  1. Advocacy at Domestic & International level
  • Collaboration with other trade bodies to better inform marketing and business leaders of the value of advertising/brand communications e.g. IOD, Ibec, MII, AAI, Marketing Society
  • www.creativeisnative.com promoting Ireland as a Centre of Excellence for commercial creativity in collaboration with Enterprise Ireland.
  • Showcasing members campaigns through IAPI’s communication channels and social media.

2. Nurturing, promoting and attracting Young TalentCannes Young Lions and Eurobest Young Creative competition only available to IAPI members.

3. Heavily subsidised Post Graduate Education – PG Dig and MSc in Creative Commercial communications with TUD - €1,000s savings for IAPI members.

4. DEI support for existing and new talent – e.g. Female Futures, NEIC transition year programme, BiTC world of work programme

5. Employee Assistance Programme though smash – available to all IAPI workforce and their immediate families run by Spectrum Health

6. Policy guidelines & up-to-date Services Contractsprovided by Hayes Solicitors and updated annually e.g. AI Policy & IP Protection clause being provided in Feb ‘24

7. Inspirational in-person events3-4 flagship events featuring thought leaders in the industry at heavily subsidised rates.

8. Shaping the industry – IAPI members have the opportunity to work on key initiatives that will shape the future of the industry.

Most importantly though, join us to add your voice to the collective and make sure your industry is respected and valued. We would love you to join the 60+ companies that are already enjoying IAPI membership and helping shape the work that we do

A Voice

IAPI works on your behalf when it comes to all the structures that support our industry. As individual agencies or individuals we are weak, but as a group we can speak with a strong voice.

Essential up to date knowledge

Marketers and Members receive regular updates on member news via our weekly e-newsletter, this website, our blog and on social media. We keep you up to date on policy campaigns, industry news and regulatory changes.

Build a network

Even with the latest training and qualifications provided by IAPI, you can’t do it alone. You need a network. Your membership gives you a means to build your own network at our varied programmes of talks and seminars.

Free member events are throughout the year covering a range of industry related topics. You can find out more about our upcoming events on the events calendar.

Ready to join?
Ready to join?

It’s simple.

  • Download and complete the corporate membership application form
  • Undergo financial & legal checks
  • Have your application approved by the IAPI Board
“If IAPI wasn’t around we would have to invent it, such are the collective challenges facing our industry”

- Liam McDonnell, CEO Dentsu Aegis Media