Show your creativity knows no 2km boundaries
Show your creativity knows no 2km boundaries

‘the side project’ is a creative community who aim to actively inspire and encourage creative folks to work on their passion projects. A side project can be an amazing outlet for creative expression and thanks to COVID-19, there is no better time than now to create.

Originally founded by Caomhán Connelly and Sam Moorhead, ‘the side project’ added some new recruits; Dean Ryan, Kevin McKay and Niamh Ryan in order to bring ‘the inside project’ to life.

After all, while in lock down, we’ve finally got the time to pick up those brushes, and the headspace to write that novel. Right? Well the side project is here to give all creatives a deadline.

‘the inside project is an opportunity to get your project out there without getting out there. We are stockpiling the best of creativity in quarantine and curating them into a celebratory showcase, in one online exhibition.

The virtual exhibition will be attended by some of the most influential folks in the creative community, providing us all with a bit of incentive and inspiration, knowing that our quarantine projects will have somewhere to live, and somewhere to be seen.

How does it work
How does it work

Submit a project

Post your project on Instagram using #theinsideproject or submit via email at Get moving as the deadline for entries is the 15th of May.

Join the guestlist

If you’re on the prowl for new creative talent or you’re just a side project enthusiast like us, then join the guestlist to attend.

Attend the Exhibition

Remotely, from a safe distance of course! This exhibition will run entirely online (for now) from May 19 - June 19. Join the growing guestlist and we’ll let you know when it’s live to view.

So let’s come out of this thing with a cool project, as well as dodgy beards and our roots showing. Show your creativity knows no 2km boundaries and submit your entry. This can be illustrations, paintings, animations, books, whatever you make while keeping your social distance.

Check out the growing guestlist here.