Publicis Dublin have launched a second campaign for Virgin Media’s ‘It’s Playtime’ platform. Building on last year’s ‘Toys’ creative, the campaign celebrates how Virgin Media empower their customers to unleash their play, in whatever way they choose.

The campaign urges us to break free from boredom by featuring two characters with the most boring job ever: being a shop mannequin. In much the same way as we can feel trapped in the mundane, it’s even worse for a mannequin; stuck in a glass case of tedium while modelling smart-casual business wear. But thanks to Virgin Media, they’re freed from their rigid ways to seek out their own play.

Niamh O’Driscoll, Head of Brand and Marketing, Virgin Media: “We’re delighted to once again bring our Playtime positioning to life with the Publicis team. We know that Play is an important part of our lives at all ages, so with this campaign we wanted to go further to show just how expansive it can be and the many forms it can take for all our customers”.

According to Ger Roe, Publicis “The creative challenge was to follow up from ‘Toys’ with an execution that was just as much fun. However, we wanted the execution to be as authentic as possible. We achieved this by working with real mannequins, bringing them to life all in-camera. This meant we were giving the audience more credit and making them play with it a little bit more. So even in the way the audience consumes our story, it can be playtime ”

Sinead Dennis, Business Director, Publicis adds “Our Mannequins give us a fun and flexible platform to work with to tell even more chapters of the Playtime story, and we look forward to bringing their story to life through more brand and product work to come this year”.

The ad was directed by director duo Biceps and produced by Outsider, while media is managed by OMD.

The campaign is currently running across AV, OOH, digital and social.