Learn the ‘masters not disasters’ of maintaining relationships with loved ones….
Learn the ‘masters not disasters’ of maintaining relationships with loved ones….

Have you learnt more than you ever wanted to about your housemate or your siblings during lockdown?

Have you discovered things about you and your partner in the last 14 weeks that would otherwise have taken you 14 years?

Have you found yourself wondering, when your parents got so set in their ways, or, when did your gorgeous babies become such a bloody nightmare?!

If your answer is Yes to any of these questions, then do yourself a MASSIVE favour and watch Dr. Carol Stoney, one of the world’s leading experts on relationships in our webinar smash On Relationships.

This video is protected and is not available for download. The access link is here and this link is the only way to access the content. You can also click on the image to go to Vimeo.

As Dr. Stoney explains the main points and themes in this exceptional webinar, please use the external supporting documents which Dr. Stoney has very kindly provided to us.

The video starts with a very significant question - "Do I Matter?" As you watch you can take a look through this pdf titled "Small Things Often".

Dr Stoney moves on to discuss the Love Languages, a methodology to identify how you or your partner 'plug in to each other'! Take this test to ID your type.

Armed with this information you can then decide what type of reactor you are. Are you a TIGER or a TURTLE?

She next brings us through how we deal with the numerous bids for out time throughout the day and how we meet these demands. Is it a conversation that is soothing or scary? Take a look at this image, to further understand the precursors to negativity and anger.

Finally, she has two really significant pieces of advice -

"A conversation will end as it begins" At all costs avoid The Four Horsemen!

And finally, "Be more Delibrate about maintaining your mental health". As we live through these exceptionally stressful times many of us are running on empty tanks. Please do take the time to explore this exceptional webinar, we can guarantee you will gain a new perspective form the insights provided.