A wise man* once said that without a struggle there can be no progress! Well we have progressed in 2015 and therefore we must have also had some struggles on our path to better and more robust advertising investment measurement.

Over the past two years the IAPI Media Committee has been answering the call, from media agencies in particular, to improve the standard of reporting available within the Nielsen Addynamix system. The ambition has been twofold:

To deliver the best possible industry data to our clients – the advertisers that invest annually into all available media channels, and
To demonstrate professionalism within the Irish advertising industry and meet European standard practice.

October 2014 saw the first publication of digital investment within the Nielsen Addynamix system. This was a significant breakthrough, finally giving users a view of digital display and VOD investment across the market. With over twenty of the top digital publishers submitting data, it is estimated that this is currently capturing c50% of total display/VOD investment, that’s over €53m or 6% of the total market.

This progress is really good for agencies – now able to model trended data on competitive digital behaviour, even if it is not a full picture. We will have to keep a close eye on different trading platforms and new suppliers who emerge to ensure the system stays relevant. Obvious gaps remain – naysayers to the current solution cite the fact that we do not have information for Google or Facebook for example.  However this is not dissimilar to most of our European neighbours. The solution to this lies in different methodology and a different payment plan from agencies. A future struggle no doubt.

We continue to make progress elsewhere.


We are testing a new data collection system which will result in a number of current gaps being plugged – including cross-station packages and promotions. This new system is expected to be ready for January 2016.


Ambient is now included in the outdoor section, under ‘Targeted Media’ – registering an additional €7m over 12 months from formats such as shopping trollies, in pub media and cinema foyers. However significant gaps still exist in Out of Home, where we get little or no insightful detail from the OMA members. This has been a struggle, with no agreement on a methodology to allow access to see campaigns at a more granular level similar to methodology across Europe. At the moment we must be content with large, small, transport and other. We will use 2016 to once again broach this area for improvement.

Our working relationship with Nielsen can only be made stronger by both agencies and media owners communicating with them, either directly or through IAPI, on issues and ideas. In fact the more ideas the better. The resource is an incredibly useful one for agencies and advertisers and we will only progress and attain our ambition by getting regular feedback and constructive input.

*Frederick Douglass

Emma O’Doherty is Managing Director of Mindshare. She Chairs the IAPI Media Committee and has been a board member of IAPI since Dec 2013.