Monday 12th February 2024 is International Epilepsy Day
Monday 12th February 2024 is International Epilepsy Day

To mark the occasion, Epilepsy Ireland and Connelly Partners Dublin are launching a campaign to highlight three simple words: TIME, SAFE, STAY.

These words are a guide to responding to someone experiencing a seizure. TIME the seizure. If it goes over five minutes, call an ambulance. Keep the person SAFE during their seizure. STAY with them throughout their seizure and after it passes – often a person will feel dazed, confused and exhausted, so offer reassurance and let them know you are there supporting them.

“Almost 1 in 100 people in Ireland are living with epilepsy”, says Paddy McGeoghegan, Epilepsy Ireland’s Advocacy & Communications Manager. “So the chances of being around someone who experiences a seizure are higher than most people realise. We want to show that responding is not as complicated as people might think – hence our three-word guide of TIME, SAFE, STAY.”

Says Vaunnie McDermott, MD of Connelly Partners Dublin: “We loved working on this campaign and it is such an important message for people to be aware of and remember. The creative is a natural progression from our first campaign with Epilepsy Ireland, and once again features people with epilepsy to get the message out there in a way that's easy to understand.”

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