Brennans Bread has become the latest brand to create its own series of NFTs
Brennans Bread has become the latest brand to create its own series of NFTs

Working in partnership with Mindshare, which was tasked with developing a communications plan to raise awareness and consideration with the GenZ audience, the Mindshare team has built out an integrated social media and NFT campaign that leveraged demographic insights into building a unique campaign that focuses on giving the young generation a chance to own a piece of Brennans forever!

The campaign is built for these digital natives using their primary channels of Instagram & TikTok to connect with them.

The campaign runs over the course of 4-weeks, where Brennans will launch 4 sandwiches each week to the public for sale. The sandwiches are inspired by the nations favourites that have been sourced from community conversations online over the year! The artworks are up for sale on Bubblehouse, the world’s first carbon-neutral NFT marketplace. In addition each NFT is being sold for €1.87 which is the average cost of a Family Pan.

“Brennans Bread has been around for generations, and we’ve seen lots trends particularly around the area of innovation come and go. When we heard that NFTs offer people a chance to own a slice of history, we knew we had to get involved! We think our NFT menu is one of the most exciting combinations to hit the sandwich world since sliced bread – tech and tradition together in perfect harmony, creating something beautiful. We’re looking forward to celebrating these works of art that are created every day in kitchens across the country,” says Ivan Hammond, head of marketing, Brennans Bread.

Amar Jacob, social & content development director, Mindshare adds: “Working with such a collaborative client gave us the opportunity try something different. It was important for us to find a way to connect with our target market in a way that truly resonates with them. When we unpacked the brief, we felt that being able to create value through the NFT space was interesting whilst giving us an opportunity to build something out of the norm.”