Repak’s Team Green are back
Repak’s Team Green are back

Repak’s Team Green is back for 2020 and this year the whole team is together to build on the success of the last 2 years. The concept was developed by Marketing Network and executed through their Creative and Marketing team.

The campaign is running across a wide range of traditional and digital media platforms. The aim of the campaign is to put a relatable face on recycling by encouraging everyone to play their part and join Repak’s Team Green. Once people have joined, they will be kept in the loop on recycling tips.

"We have been working with Repak for over 10 years developing a deep understanding of this complex area to allow us develop the Team Green concept. Putting a relatable face on recycling, allowed us to develop creative assets to engage the consumer on outdoor and digital platforms, amplifying the campaign dynamic and call to action to further encourage behavioural change in recycling habits.” comments Marketing Network, Client Services Director, Padraig Smith.

Working with production company Stori Creative, the campaign was shot in Croke Park, within current Covid-19 guidelines, where our Team Green Ambassadors Anna Geary, Paul McGrath, Roz Purcell, Paul & Gary O’Donovan and Bobby Kerr came together with a simple message Join Repak's Team Green and learn how to recycle better.

The campaign, which sees the ambassadors coming together under a range of executions for the first time, is currently live across multiple media platforms including large format outdoor (48 sheets, 6 sheets, adBox, Dublin Bus tsides), outdoor digital (Dpods, digital 48sheet) as well as radio, press, digital and social partnerships supporting the outdoor. A range of engaging video assets have been created for VOD and social media.

From Anna Geary talking tactics in the changing room, Paul McGrath motivating the team and Roz, Paul & Gary O’Donovan sharing some key tips you can feel that we are in safe hands with Team Green and Ireland. If everyone pulls together and plays their part we can achieve our targets set out in the EU Circular Economy Package and Packaging Waste Directive .

"Marketing Network play an integral role in Repak's marketing communications and their strategic and creative input on our campaigns combined with their understanding of our needs ensures our campaigns engage and resonate with the Irish public and our stakeholders which is more important than ever with our increased targets under The Circular Economy Package and Packaging Waste Directive." says Laura Sherry, Head of Marketing & Communications, Repak.

"Since the launch of Team Green in 2018, Ireland's recycling tonnes have increased by 9.1%, which is a fantastic achievement. This year we aim to focus more on demonstrating good recycling practice as well as showing the difference we can all make if we play our part.”

Repak launched the Team Green initiative in 2018 to help Ireland increase recycling rates and meet targets set by the European Union. Since then, the nation has recycled 269,557 tonnes of glass, 638,129 tonnes of paper and 166,440 tonnes of plastic - which includes an additional 97 million plastic bottles. The non-profit organisation has also noted a decrease in contamination in recycling bins.