DAP (Dry Ass Pinty) rap video dropped in Ireland calling on Irish people to go on the dry this January and start 2021 in a healthy way. DAP is a fun, energy filled tune featuring Irish rap talent, Evans Junior and Celaviedmai, along with some special performances from Irish dancers, comics and Social media stars, Fabu D and Michael Fry.

Partnering with So.Beer, a non-alcoholic, health boosting lager, the crew lay down dry and wet ass lyrics encouraging people to give booze a break for January.

Just launched in Ireland, So.Beer is a non-alcoholic lager that has built-in immune support, with 250mg of beta glucans, B vitamins and minerals. This very special So.Beer formulation has been proven to boost the immune system and promote good health in over 50 scientific studies. It’s a “Beer with Benefits”, says So.Beer joint CEO Catherina Butler, so if you’re going on the dry, or just cutting back, it’s your best bet to help get you through a dry January!

Like So.Beer, the DAP music video serves bucket loads of energy through its fun lyrics, dance routines and eclectic crew. The video was filmed in iconic locations throughout Ireland including Bray Bowl and The Liberties.

"The DAP message is what we all need to hear in Ireland this January. Lots of us overdo it during Christmas, and especially with the challenges that we faced in 2020, a Dry January is more important than ever! It’s important to kick start the year in a healthy way and So.Beer offers a delicious, healthy alternative to alcohol that can support your Dry January efforts and indeed enjoy throughout the year," said Catherina Butler.

"In creating the DAP video, we wanted to showcase the best in young Irish rap and dance talent. Taking inspiration from one of the most well-known rap tracks of 2020, we want DAP to be an anthem for health and wellness in 2021!"