In 2020, IAPI sponsored Little Black Book to launch the 'Irish Edition' on their online platform. The results below prove the value of our collaboration, and we are delighted that we have continued our sponsorship with LBBOnline into 2021.

Little Black Book celebrates creativity from all over the world and is viewed by approximately 350,000 a month globally.

IAPI become 3rd most read about association globally
IAPI become 3rd most read about association globally

In 2020, since launching the 'Creative is Native' interview series with IAPI, and the Irish Edition, IAPI are 3rd most read about association globally on LBB (AICP = 1 and IPA = 2 ), and 6th in terms of associations, awards shows and festivals .

This compared to 2019, where IAPI were 21st most read about association, awards show or festival globally on LBB.

'Creative is Native' interview series
'Creative is Native' interview series

IAPI's interview series titled 'Creative is Native' is conducted and produced by Little Black Book, where we sit down with Ireland's top talent in commercial creative sector, who give an interesting cultural insight into how they bring their innate Irish creative to meet the creative demands of the industry.

The interviews are in the Top 10 most read about stories published by IAPI with over 2095+ unique views on the series so far and growing.

You can access all the interviews in the 'Irish Edition' on LBBOnline or by clicking the image below.

To date, we have interviewed, Jamie Helly, Founder and Chairman, Dynamo; Aoife Murphy, Executive Strategy Director, Boys + Girls; Seán Hynes, Creative Director, Bonfire Dublin; Des Creedon, Executive Creative Director, TBWA\ Dublin; Jane McDaid, Founder + Head of Creative Innovation, THINKHOUSE; Karl Waters, Creative Partner, Folk Wunderman Thompson; Jen Speirs, Executive Creative Director, Rothco | Accenture Interactive; Damian Hanley, Creative Director, In the Company of Huskies.

IAPI Banner Views on LBB
IAPI Banner Views on LBB

In 2020, the IAPI banner was seen on over 68,000 stories on every Irish story from all over the world.

These were clicks on stories where IAPI branding was present, creating millions of impressions.

Here is a breakdown of those viewers and where they come from. It is important to note our largest visitor is left to right and comes from the USA.

Since the beginning of 2021 we have changed the messaging on the banner from the IAPI logo to Ireland: Where Creative is Native branding, which was created by Bonfire Dublin.

As well as this Creative is Native banner on the channel, LBB have agreed to help IAPI reach a global audience through banner placement within their newsletters.

They have put a banner on their front page when they have a spare spot and they also agreed to put banners on their daily newsletter when space is available too.

LBB are also putting together targeted bulletins featuring our banner, for example a bulletin that only goes out to LBBs' US members. This will help ensure that IAPI and are being promoted abroad.