TBWA\Dublin has created an invigorating campaign to announce the youth development organisation Foróige’s triumphant resurgence after the impact of Covid-19 restrictions.

The campaign, titled ‘The Comeback’, highlights the clubs as spaces for young adults to belong, grow, and hang out with their mates, through a partnership with Dublin-based illustrator Fatti Burke. The result, a unique Foróige X Fatti Burke collaboration, encourages both volunteers and young adults alike to find their space at Foróige, with a retro aesthetic to bring the message alive on social, radio and in press.

While talk of Covid restrictions has lessened as Ireland has gradually reopened, the optimism and anticipation of old things coming back is still an exciting prospect, which The Comeback capitalises on in copy and visual. Fatti’s retro and colourful illustrations create a universe of characters which showcase the opportunities that Foróige opens up to young adults.

Fatti says of her universe of characters: ‘I wanted to introduce a group of familiar characters with relatable personalities and stories in these visuals; teammates, second cousins, your friend from across town who you haven't gotten to see in a while. Like Foróige's volunteers and young people, this squad become even more fantastic when united. Homework notebook scribbles, stickers and homemade posters inspired me to create something energetic with the personal touch that the youth members and volunteers bring to their club and community.’

Senior copywriter Dimitrios Leontakianakis and Senior Art Director Megan Naude add: "For an organisation that represents something as beautiful and unique as what Foròige does, we wanted to create work that celebrated its identity. Partnering with Fatti Burke enabled us to bring that beauty and individuality to life through striking visual storytelling and we're exceptionally proud of the result."

Speaking on the collaboration Alan Hatton, Senior Digital Communications Lead with Foróige adds: “At Foróige we are passionate about harnessing the essence of our organisation in our visuals and identity, so partnering with TWBA and collaborating with Fatti Burke was the perfect way for us to announce our clubs reopening in-person post-Covid. Through the universe of characters we created as part of the Foróige X Fatti Burke collaboration, we know that young people, volunteers and staff throughout our national network in some way see themselves represented in this visually engaging and inspirational campaign.”