Keeping your Clients and your Finance Director happy!
Keeping your Clients and your Finance Director happy!

We are delighted to present Allen Kiernan's training workshop for junior to mid client managers within media, creative and communications agencies.

Finance for Account Managers is designed to help you understand the perspective of your two key stakeholders when you’re working up client budgets. Allen was the Finance Director for BBDO Dublin (previously Irish International) for over 28 years and is the Honorary Treasurer of The Advertising Benevolent Society of Ireland (TABS). Allen is very well versed in the nuances of our business and is a font of knowledge on all financial matters. His advice as a freelance Financial Consultant has been invaluable to IAPI member agencies in the last few months.

This session will be particularly relevant to those who have onboarded in the last 12 months during Covid/lockdown.

The Client

  • The client will always want to push back and question how you have derived the assumptions within your budgets. Allen will help you develop the arguments for protecting your agency’s margin while demonstrating that you’re offering value for money to your client.

The Agency Financial Director

  • Allen will talk you through the perspective of the FD to help you understand how to develop budgets that get the client what they’re looking for while contributing to the agency’s revenue.