This workshop is focused on enhancing the participants' ability to present information in a visual format that is clear and impacting to an audience to support decision making.

This workshop focuses on:

• Understanding the importance of data visualisation for business intelligence and decision-making

• Tackle the key challenges in creating clearer, sharper, and more effective data visualisations

• Analysing effective examples of data visualisation

• Constructing effective data visuals to solve workplace problems


This workshop is designed to help you to:

• Understand how to think visually and lay out a process for creating powerful data visualisations

• Increase your ability to critically analyse data to understand what is the most important message to communicate to your audience

• Gain access to on-line tools and resources to support ongoing development in this area

Key Features

• Use the best practices for creating visuals that aid in problem-solving, identify how to use visuals in dashboards, reports and presentations


• Communicating your ideas

• Presenting your research more powerfully

• Making a case more effectively

About the Trainer
About the Trainer

Daniel Good is a senior consultant with Prism where he focuses on manager development in high growth & startup culture, team effectiveness and strategy development. Prior to joining Prism, Daniel held a number of senior roles in the Irish tech industry including CEO of online marketplace Adverts.ie, and Head of Marketplaces for Distilled SCH, a joint venture with Norway's publicly listed Schibsted Media Group which included Daft.ie, and DoneDeal.ie. Daniel has also spent time working in various management roles in the USA.

Daniel Good
Daniel Good
Senior Consultant, Prism