RTÉ’s viral #CreateDontContaminate campaign helps prevent the spread of COVID-19
RTÉ’s viral #CreateDontContaminate campaign helps prevent the spread of COVID-19

Thinkhouse, the youth marketing agency, in partnership with RTÉ has launched the #CreateDontContaminate campaign to assist in the prevention of spread of COVID-19 amongst young people in Ireland.

The creative social media campaign aims to address the importance of social distancing amongst Ireland's youth by engaging and empowering Irish celebrities and influencers with daily creative challenges over a 14 day period, inspiring fans and followers to join in.

Nora Torpey, Head of Marketing and Communications, RTÉ, responsible for bringing the campaign to life said: “#CreateDontContaminate engages young people in a fun, creative way while disseminating a very serious message to ensure Ireland’s youth takes responsibility for their actions.” She continued “This has been a Herculean team effort that we believe will genuinely make a difference to curbing the spread of COVID-19.”

The agility of RTÉ and Thinkhouse shows the necessity for versatility and teamwork in the 21st century to create viral creative content. Having used WhatsApp, Zoom and Google Hangouts as the main platforms for ideation, creation and implementation between producers, creatives, marketers, and PR practitioners is a demonstration of today’s new fast, agile, collaborative working ways.

Together, the two teams have delivered a campaign that will be remembered forever by those who got involved in these unprecedented times.

Jane McDaid, Founder of Thinkhouse said: “We got the call and immediately pulled out all the stops to brainstorm an idea that would be fun and engaging but also cut through to young people and explain the severity of the COVID-19 situation. RTÉ has been an exceptional partner throughout - pulling in all the big names and working across all of the RTÉ platforms, at pace. The team has been incredibly supportive of the creative idea and the fact that together, went from zero to social, PR, Giphy and TV campaign with well over 10 million reach in less than 3 days is a testament to two talented, ambitious teams working brilliantly together. Together we’re taking learnings and applying them as the campaign unfolds to ensure the remaining 11 days are equally, if not more, successful.”

To date, at only three days in, the campaign has reached a massive 10.3 million, more than twice the population of Ireland, social media users across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok.

Some familiar faces who have supported the campaign so far include Maura Higgins (2.8M reach), Greg O’Shea (1.3M reach), Laura Whitmore (1.1M reach), Tadhg Fleming (1.1M), Kodaline (433K reach), Rosie Connolly (323K reach), Doireann Garrihy (223K reach), Lisa Jordan (196K reach), James Kavanagh (133K reach), Gavin James (124K reach), Eoghan McDermot (80K reach), Danny O’Donoghue (52.3K reach) and Thalia Heffernan (51K reach).

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