'The last incident'
'The last incident'

To mark this year’s International Women’s Day, Allianz Insurance and Women’s Aid have launched ‘TheLastIncident.ie’, a campaign that aims to raise the alarm about Ireland’s rampant domestic abuse problem and serve as a stark reminder that a woman subjected to domestic abuse reaches out for help every 5 minutes of every day, according to data provided by Women’s Aid*.

Created by In the Company of Huskies, ‘The Last Incident’ reveals the devastating extent of the domestic abuse crisis in Ireland. On a day dedicated to women’s empowerment, an online tracker TheLastIncident.ie, was launched to show real-time moments for women subjected to domestic abuse all over Ireland.

The site tracks live interactions with the Women’s Aid website, highlighting how there’s no break from domestic abuse, even on International Women’s Day. With every click for help, the counter resets back to zero. This is supported by digital and OOH in high-visibility strategic locations.

Women don’t report abuse for many reasons: fear, shame, guilt and concern that they’ll be judged or not believed.

We want to highlight on International Women’s Day that domestic abuse is happening right now, and also let women know that they’re not alone.

We want to encourage them to speak up in the hope of bringing domestic abuse to an end. This public awareness campaign follows on from the ‘World's Strongest Women’ campaign which pays tribute to the courageous survivors of domestic abuse.

Women’s Aid is a leading charitable organisation working to stop domestic violence against women and children in Ireland since 1974. Sarah Benson, CEO Women’s Aid said “With one in four women in Ireland being subjected to domestic abuse over their lifetime, and so many thousands of children suffering also, it is a sad reality that we cannot say there even is a minute that passes when abuse is not being perpetrated in our society and victims/survivors living in fear and under control. On a day designed to celebrate women and their achievements it is vital that we also highlight what holds women back and stifles their potential to thrive and achieve. We need to loudly call domestic abuse out as an unacceptable violation of human rights and a barrier to women’s equality.

Ursula Murphy, Chief Transformation Officer Allianz Insurance said “At Allianz, through our three-year partnership with Women’s Aid, we want to lift the veil surrounding domestic abuse by raising greater awareness of the societal issue and the shocking statistics surrounding it. While International Women's Day is a day of celebration, for those subjected to abuse there are no days off. We hope the strong message behind this campaign will encourage everyone to stop for a moment, think, and begin the lifesaving conversations needed to move Ireland to a zero-tolerance society.”

Damian Hanley, Creative Director of In the Company of Huskies continued “There are so many women suffering in silence all over the world. We were shocked by the frequency of the incidents

and wanted to highlight that fact in this campaign, in the hope it will inspire women subjected to abuse and the people around them to get support.”