It really is the time of year to settle in for the evening and reconnect with some of Ireland's favourite TV characters. The stars of Gogglebox always give us their honest and hilarious thoughts and reactions to everything that they see - one of the many reasons Connelly Partners has launched a new campaign for, as the insurance firm extend their sponsorship of popular TV show, GoggleBox Ireland into Season 7.

The team wanted to create light hearted stings to match the personality of the show and its stars. Developing a campaign consisting of a series of 10’ and 5’ second brand ads that will show at the start and end of every episode and in between all the ad breaks.

“Our sponsorship of this much-loved show keeps our brand top of mind and creates a positive association for viewers, so when they think of insurance, they think of – it’s a super fit," said Head of Marketing at Elaine Knowles.

The show airs every Wednesday at 9pm, from September through November, and again in January. The sponsorship extends to two further “Best Of’ feature episodes in Q1 2022 and any repeats that air into March 2022.