National College of Ireland's Festival of Marketing
National College of Ireland's Festival of Marketing

The National College of Ireland ran their annual Festival of Marketing career networking event on Tuesday the 14th of November. This event brings employers and industry representatives onto campus to meet future graduates face to face with a view to highlighting potential areas for consideration for their careers.

IAPI were present alongside Hubspot, For Purpose, Jameson International Brand, Enterprise Mobility and Hays Recruitment.

During the afternoon students sat in groups of 8-10 and the employers then rotated from table to table every 10 minutes allowing for short but meaningful discussions within each group.

Students who attended the event where from the BA in Marketing Practice, Msc in Marketing, BA in Business Development, BA in Psychology, MSc in Entrepreneurship & MSc in Management.

Keith O'Connor and Shreesha Hegde from the IAPI team were present at the festival. They provided students with a comprehensive over view of the industry while shedding light into IAPI's role as an industry representative body. The duo then delved into the wealth of resources available on the IAPI website, including the extensive member directory, career guides, and insightful career spotlights. Eager to understand the diverse agencies within the industry, aspiring graduates engaged with IAPI, expressing keen interest.

IAPI, in turn, provided valuable guidance, offering students a glimpse into various roles they could explore in their future careers.

The collaborative effort aimed to empower these students with knowledge and insights to navigate the industry landscape effectively.

Looking ahead, IAPI is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming jobs fair hosted by NCI in April 2024. This presents a fantastic opportunity for agency members interested in partnering with IAPI on talent attraction events. For more information, kindly reach out to Keith O'Connor.