Effie Awards Ireland 2024 - Effective Entry Guidance
Effie Awards Ireland 2024 - Effective Entry Guidance

IAPI and their sponsors An Post Commerce, ESB, and RTÉ Media Sales are pleased to announce the Call for Entries for Effie Awards Ireland 2024.

Following our Launch in February and our Case-Writing Clinics in March, we are thrilled to now be open for entries. Entries for 2024 opened from 3 April 2024 with a variety of deadlines and fees applicable. The final deadline to send in entries is 25 June 2024. All the information required including the 2024 Effie Awards Ireland Entry Kit is now available on effie.org/Ireland.

Founded over 50 years ago, Effie is a global symbol of achievement within the industry. Effie Worldwide stands for effectiveness in marketing, spotlighting ideas that work and encouraging thoughtful dialogue about the drivers of marketing effectiveness. It's mission is to lead, inspire and champion marketing effectiveness globally.

With this goal in mind, we were excited to host a series of individual one-hour workshops for agencies and clients to examine and workshop their case studies. We hope, for those that were able to attend, this session helped to make your overall story really strong, crisp, clear, and inspiring. For those that didn't get to sign up for a session, you can download some key advice here>>

Top Tips from Last Year's Jury:

  • BE CLEAR, CONCISE, COMPELLING & HONEST - Judges evaluate 5-6 cases in a session – shorter, well-written entries stand out.
  • CONTEXT IS KEY - Judges typically do not work in your category & may not know your brand. Provide judges with the context to understand the degree of difficulty for your challenge & the significance of your results. Limit industry jargon & define all terms.
  • SPEAK TO THE ENTRY CATEGORY - Judges evaluate work on effectiveness in the context of the entered category. Be sure your stated goal & results align.
  • TELL A STORY - Write your entry with your audience, Effie Judges, in mind. Judges are looking for an engaging, well-written story that links each section of the form together. Judges will be evaluating your work with a critical eye – address questions you suspect they will have.
  • REVIEW - Ask colleagues who do not work on the brand to review the entry. Ask what questions they have – what was unclear? Where did the case fall flat? Ask a strong proof-reader to review the entry.
Your Guide to Entry
Your Guide to Entry

Everything you need to start preparing your 2024 entries – including the 2024 Effie Awards Ireland Entry Kit can be found online at effie.org/Ireland. The Entry Kit contains all the important information to guide you through the entry process. It includes advice on some of the following: creative reel/images, disqualification criteria, sourcing data, publicity & credits, confidentiality, judging & scoring.

The effie.org/Ireland website is packed full of important information related to the 2024 awards with access to the effective entry guide, entry form templates, 2024 deadline dates and prices, previous Case Study Booklets, effectiveness webinars, and much more...

Effie Awards Ireland are supported by I An Post Commerce I ESB I RTE Media Sales I

Log onto the entry portal to submit your work.

Submit your entry by Tuesday 21st May and you'll save 44% on your entry fees.

Final entry deadline is Tuesday 25th June.

If you have any questions related to the Effie Awards Ireland Competition, please contact katherine@iapi.com