Dublin advertising agency Connelly Partners and 123.ie is back with another series of gags in their ‘Get a Better Quote’ campaign featuring Hollywood A-Lister and funny-man John Michael Higgins. He’s joined by Irish actress and Love Island host Laura Whitmore as voiceover. Together, they are helping the brand reach insurance customers with humour and pop culture appeal.

In an industry that’s traditionally viewed as slow to change, and known for its heritage messaging, 123.ie has worked with its partner Connelly Partners to stand out by being BOLD, ENTERTAINING and AGILE. In the past three years, the brand has launched laugh-out-loud creative, unexpected new product offerings, and nimble solutions that support customers and the community amid the pandemic.

This new campaign builds on the success of Connelly Partners and 123.ie’s early work together and the insight that we all like people who try; effort is often as important to us as results. The ‘Give Better A Try’ campaign launched in early 2020 and resulted in a very impressive set of brand and advertising awareness scores, cementing the choice to continue with the recognisable face of John Michael Higgins as a creative distinctive asset.

“In this continuation of our successful three-year campaign, our spokesman John Michael Higgins entertains with his quotes, then challenges the audience to try for a better quote,” said Elaine Knowles, Head of Marketing at 123.ie. “And since 2 out of 3 customers who switched to 123.ie saved at least €75, for many people, that better quote is just a click away.”

The campaign launches on January 3 and will run through the year. It includes TV, digital, social, radio and OOH. Additional comical versions of the series will launch throughout the year with some fun surprises from Laura Whitmore – all to help 123.ie cement its place as a differentiator in a category full of emotional storytelling.

Steve Connelly, President and Copywriter at Connelly Partners added: “This campaign has always been about putting a smile on people’s faces and a little question in their heads: ‘Can I get better value, better service, a better price from my insurance company?’ Our mantra is ‘Always try for better,’ and getting a quote direct from 123.ie is an easy way to give better a try.”

The launch commercials were concepted by Connelly Partners Dublin and edited by Dublin Studio, Raygun.

Connelly Partners is a full-service agency that works with clients across three offices (Dublin, Boston, Vancouver) to provide a global perspective while delivering the local expertise needed based on clients’ needs via integrated teams that work across offices. Connelly Partners has been creative agency for 123.ie since 2019. The agency also works with Audi Ireland, Bus Éireann, Shannon Group and the GPA in Dublin, in addition to Titleist, Gorton’s Seafood, New Balance and more.