Young people need to comply with social distancing recommendations
Young people need to comply with social distancing recommendations

Boys+Girls, in partnership with Treehouse Practice, have launched a not-for-profit campaign in response to the problem of younger people either not engaging with, or taking seriously, the precautions that we've all been asked to take around COVID-19 and in particular social distancing.

The campaign is called Save your Gran, with the key message to young people being, to stay apart, “it wouldn’t kill you but it might kill her”. We have some hard-hitting but empowering messages for young people to make them fully engaged with this movement.

What we are asking you to do is get on social media and after you post your message with the hashtag #saveyourgran.

If your support means even 1 or 2 lives are saved, that’s a job well done. Please pass it on.

Some ideas for your posts:

1. Use the script below or your own words if you prefer

2. Post a photo of your gran/ your children’s gran

3. Tag your friends and pass it on to at least 3 people and invite them to do the same.


Lads, this is serious now. People are dying. We’ve been asked to social distance but we’re not. This is my Gran (hold up picture if you have one). Think about yours. It won’t kill you to stay away from your mates, but it could kill her if you don’t. The only way we beat this is if we all do it. Save Your Gran…and mine.

(Or if a Gran yourself, please say, “would it kill you to stay home? Because it’ll kill me if you don’t”).

If you have any queries direct them to:

Dr Sara O’Byrne, Senior Clinical Psychologist:

Laurence O’Byrne, Creative Director:

Thanks for your support.