We all know that the success of a great brand depends on a great client/agency partnership. At its best this relationship is an active partnership of collaboration and transparency. But relationships change and clients may require to move agencies for a variety of reasons.

Choosing an agency can be a complex process and making a wrong decision can be costly in terms of time and money for all concerned.

In order to help you to make the best decision for your business, the Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland (IAPI) has created three client guides for Finding the Right Agency - depending on whether you wish to undertake a Media Pitch, a Strategic & Creative Pitch or an Agile Pitch process. The Agile Pitch guide is brand new and has been specifically designed for companies with budgets of less than €300k or who require an agency for a one-off project.

However the first step in selecting the right agency partner it to decide what type of agency selection process you want to undertake; as this doesn't always have to be a pitch. The IAPI Charter for Agency Selection helps you make that decision. Please carefully review the PRINCIPLES for marketers, agencies and pitch consultants that are included within this charter.

To complement this charter and the guides, IAPI has created a complete resource hub for pitches. Scroll down to find a suite of documents, templates and contracts you can download to help you with the process of pitching.

To be as relevant as possible to your requirements, we have sought and received inputs and contributions from a wide variety of industry sources including IAPI members, marketers and pitch consultants.

We believe that these guides will offer practical guidelines and pragmatic advice when it comes to choosing a new agency partner.

Useful Information & Resources
Useful Information & Resources

Sample documents

*If you are working with IAPI members, they have been provided with up-to-date Client Services Agreement for Creative Services, Media Buying Services and Combined Media & Creative Services. These were produced for IAPI by Hayes Solicitors in 2019 and include the latest EU regulations on IP, GDPR and Indemnifications. If you would like to discuss these templates please email charley@iapi.com

IAPI and the AAI have jointly accredited a number of pitch consultants who follow the agreed guidelines.

Below you will find a link to this list of accredited pitch consultants.

You will also find a link to the full IAPI membership for you to start your list of preferred agencies for your pitch process.