Covid-19 has accelerated demands for a greater skilled workforce. Are you ready?
Covid-19 has accelerated demands for a greater skilled workforce. Are you ready?

The need for accredited education and qualifications across the Creative Commercial Communications industry has been highlighted for several years now and we are delighted to offer this tailored educational opportunity for the first time for our sector.

We feel that there is no better time for you to take up this challenge and for this reason, IAPI are heavily subsidising this first year, saving our members thousands of euros against the standard academic fee of €6,000. For IAPI members the cost for the full PGDip is only €2,500.

This programme is the result of a unique partnership between TU Dublin and IAPI and has been developed with extensive contributions from both industry and academia.

The award for this programme is a Postgraduate Diploma in Commercial Creative Communications with classification of Distinction, Merit Grade 1 Merit Grade 2 and Pass.


Dr. Rosie Hand HERE or Emma Sweeney HERE

The 6 CPD Programmes at a glance -
The 6 CPD Programmes at a glance -

CPD 1 - Contemporary Marketing & Communications

This advanced module provides the learner with an opportunity to develop a critical understanding of the conceptual and practical elements which underpin the field of marketing and communications. With this understanding of contemporary marketing, the agency sector is much better placed to provide meaningful and relevant media and communication solutions for brand owners.

CPD 2 - Communications Planning & Effectiveness

This module builds on the learner’s knowledge gleaned in the CPD contemporary Marketing and Communications module and provides learners with both a theoretical and practical perspective of communications planning and effectiveness. It considers the context, the strategic thinking and the creative processes involved in developing an effective brand communications strategy.

CPD 3 - Creative Thinking in Commercial Communication

The Creative Thinking in Commercial Communications module is designed to explore the diverse facets of creativity and creative work. Drawing on the psychological theories of creativity and interdisciplinary collaboration, the module explores the characteristics, traits, skills and competencies associated with creativity.

CPD 4 - Cross Platform Communications

This is a transformational period in the short history of the creative commercial communication industry. Whilst many communication principles remain the same, technology and platforms are changing the way we communicate with people. Two way conversations, precision targeting and fresh technologies are allowing for deeper and richer storytelling. Consumers now have greater control over how, where and what content they choose to consume, which is raising the bar for advertisers demanding more innovation and creativity than before.

CPD 5 - Insights & Analytics

Communication and media planning is a data rich environment and deploying effective and sophisticated analysis tools is part of the remit of the modern communication and media planning analyst. Being conversant with, amenable to and comfortable with the usage of analytics to extract insights and drive decisions is going to ensure the strategic fit and role of the communication and media planner in the modern organisation. Being able to bridge the gap between technical analyst and the traditional media planner confers a differentiating advantage to the learner.

CPD 6 - Leadership in Commercial Creativity

This course is concerned with facilitating an understanding of and ability to apply leadership theory and best practices in work roles. The module will deal with Leadership Theories with particular focus on challenges faced by, and expectations on leaders in a contemporary context.

MSc option & COSTINGS
MSc option & COSTINGS

After completion of the Postgraduate Diploma, the opportunity exists to convert to a Masters in Creative Commercial Communications, if the learner chooses to do an additional 30 credits (consisting of a Research Methods module at 5 credits and a Consultancy Project at 25 credits).

MSc Top-up programme is also open to graduates of the Postgraduate Diploma in Advertising and Digital Communications.


  • COST PER CPD MODULE - IAPI MEM €500 (€1,500 non member)
  • COST PER PG DIP (6 PCD's in single academic year) - IAPI MEM €2,250 (€6,000 non member)


  • COST PER MSc. TOP UP - IAPI MEM €3,000 (€3,500 non member)



Dr. Rosie Hand HERE or Emma Sweeney HERE