Across Ireland, over 1,000 women and girls are involved in prostitution every day. An alarming number of those are the victims of human trafficking. Our brief from the Immigrant Council of Ireland was to raise awareness of that fact in order to promote as an item of national agenda, and thereby drive societal change.


Our core audience, young Irish males, are bombarded with ads and cause-related messages wherever they consume media, making it very difficult to get cut-through. We wanted to catch them off-guard by targeting in a place they wouldn’t otherwise expect.

This would then allow us to dispel the misconception prevailing upon them that consent should always be taken at face value.


At the time Tinder, the mobile dating social network, was a completely untapped environment for comms. It didn’t yet offer advertising solutions, and guerrilla comms on Tinder were pretty much unheard of.

We created seemingly normal profiles of young women which, in fact, revealed sobering stories inspired by real-life experiences of victims.

And in turn called young men to play their part in Swiping Out Sex Trafficking.


We used Tinder organically, reaching strategic audiences by placing users within key geographic areas, engaging on tinder through the girl’s profiles educating matches.


Strategically launched during the Dublin Web Summit, we were able to target global influencers via geolocation.

News of the campaign spread quickly & global media publications picked it up. Earning over €1.5 million in media with a staggering 45 million impressions on social, the innovative approach to the campaign won gold at ICAD, a Eurobest and a nomination at Cannes

Find more on Eighty Twenty's website
Find more on Eighty Twenty's website