Lidl / Chemistry
Lidl / Chemistry


Lidl had historically built a shopper base with a high proportion of smaller volume, but high frequency customers – i.e. the basket shopper. Customers would go instore for the latest promotion and, while there, pick up some of their daily shop. However, given that nearly 7 in 10 people in Ireland shop at Lidl, we saw a significant commercial opportunity to target top-up shoppers and convert them to higher-spending and more valuable main shoppers.



Our research showed that shoppers were open to shopping more at Lidl but didn’t think they could get everything they needed for the big weekly shop at Lidl. So, we devised a 3-pillar messaging matrix (range and quality as well as value). Commercially, it was important to address all shoppers, everyone from younger couples to families to older shoppers, so that all audiences would understand that they could get everything they need at Lidl.


We decided to re-frame shopping, from the chore we do ourselves, to the enjoyment of watching what others do. We used real people and real shopping experiences as a device to illustrate a range of shoppers who were able to get all the quality and value they expected by main-shopping at Lidl, with the additional bonus of big savings. The idea being that, if they can do it, you can too.


Owned, earned and paid across consumer journey: TVCs, VOD, print, dPods, commuter OOH, social, digital, PPC, SEO, retargeting, instore POS and a shopper hub microsite.


Achieved Lidl’s highest ever Main Shop share at 21% (Spark July 2017);

  • Highest ever Market share at 12.1% (Kantar July 2017);
  • Advertising Recall 6 times that of the leading retail competitor, giving Lidl the highest advertising recall of that time;
  • Brand Awareness to 73%;
  • 76% in agreement that Lidl was ‘suitable for a main shop’;
  • Kinsale Shark winner 2017 and Digital Marketing Awards winner 2018.
Find more on Chemistry's website
Find more on Chemistry's website