Production during a pandemic
Production during a pandemic

Dublin based commercial production company, Pull The Trigger, on June 16th 2020, organised a large scale test shoot to prove that Covid-19 safety measures are not a cost barrier to the production of TV advertising.

In association with IAPI the filming was organised to show proof of concept that a larger scale production can be achieved safely, cost effectively, and efficiently during a pandemic.

Working to Government guidelines on Covid-19 safety protocols, implementing social distancing, yet still working fast and efficiently has been under some question.

During lockdown, most brands have marketed with user generated content, updated existing films, or commissioned smaller shoots to maintain brand presence in the advertising sphere.

Pull the Trigger wanted to prove that bigger productions with a crew of 50 or more are possible with a social-distancing criteria of 2 metres, and that the impact of the Covid- 19 safety measures are not cost prohibitive to marketing budgets.

The test shoot took place at Weston aerodrome in Dublin with 57 crew. The director was based out of Los Angeles, with ‘clients’ from Dublin advertising agencies and international friends of Pull The Trigger, attending remotely.

Agencies that participated included Boys and Girls, Publicis Dublin and Rothco Accenture Interactive. International guests logged in from Norway, Columbia, Los Angeles, London and South Africa.

The test shoot
The test shoot

Using bespoke WiFi connection, a remote filming stream, feedback via Zoom, and a VOIP communications system, the shoot day was seamless in terms of communication between Director /set /agency /client /production.

The director could communicate to both crew and client privately, and in real time. The data stream from the camera was uninterrupted while WiFi was connected. Observers were able to watch each take as it went down, without a time delay, and were able to comment on shots immediately. Just as though they were physically on set.

A ‘witness’ camera was established so that the director and clients could observe the set and behind the scenes. The system enables multi camera shoots, and excitingly allows bigger scale advertising productions to get back to work.

A case study has been compiled by Pull the Trigger for any interested client or agency to view. If you would like to be sent a copy please contact

A game changer for production
A game changer for production

“This is a game changer for production," says Max Brady, Executive Producer of Pull the Trigger. "Not only can we now offer safe, Covid compliant production on a bigger scale, but clients can attend shoots without having to physically be on set, and we have proved that the safety measures that we must now work to are not cost prohibitive It was great to put the theory into practical terms and prove it.”

“We didn’t hesitate to support Pull the Trigger with this pro-active initiative. To have a producer willing to set up a test film shoot just shows how we are going above and beyond to demonstrate how ready for post-pandemic business the advertising industry is,” says Charley Stoney, CEO, IAPI. “And to prove that it takes less time and, costs much less than anticipated, to follow COVID-19 protocols while filming is so encouraging. I would urge Irish marketers to return to creative origination as I can’t imagine that many previous campaigns would be suitable post pandemic.”

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