TBWA\Dublin have launched a total refresh of the brand world for the Dalata Hotel Group. Comprising the Dalata, Clayton, and Maldron brands, the launch follows TBWA’s 2023 win of their social media and performance social accounts across 4 markets.

The Total Brand World Agency created new brand strategies, fed from insights gathered from the agency’s proprietary research methodology, 100Voices to deliver new positionings for the Dalata, Clayton, and Maldron brands. Simultaneously they developed a total brand redesign and guidelines – with brand and social/content shoots to feed website and social media assets.

According to Andrew Murray, Director of Growth & Innovation at TBWA\Dublin: “This beautifully challenging task from Dalata Hotel Group provided us with the opportunity to showcase the breadth of our expertise – all with the goal of creating three distinctive brand worlds. From consumer research to brand strategy & positioning; from branding development & design to brand building social with performance & community management – this process has allowed us to showcase the power of looking at the Total Brand World. Since the rollout of our social & performance strategy in February – we’re seeing a ROAS of 14, and the new Total Brand World refresh will further increase brand scores and performance – driving more direct revenue onsite.”

Aleesha Tully, Head of Strategy says: “With the end-goal of creating a refreshed and relevant brand presence in mind, the project was kickstarted with extensive research undertaken using 100Voices. We created bespoke Design Thinking exercises for our tailored Dalata panel of 150 (up from the usual 100) respondents across Ireland, the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands. This research revealed the underlying drivers of behaviour that impact consideration, booking, loyalty, and advocacy. In combination with additional research provided by Backslash, our global intelligence unit, across the travel, leisure, and hospitality sectors – we further contextualised these findings. Core consumer insights were unveiled that informed the creation of individual brand positioning of the three brands.”

Roma O’Connor, Chief Marketing Officer: “This has been a very exciting project for Dalata Hotel Group and we have loved working with the TBWA team. We now have robust brand strategies and customer positioning which will support and guide the business as we move to becoming an international hotel company. “