The Alchemy of The Orchard
The Alchemy of The Orchard

Bulmers 'The Alchemy of the Orchard' campaign launched in Ireland in June is now being rolled out across the UK under its Magners name. Created by Goosebump, this Magners Irish Cider campaign returns to TV and supported by significant, multi-channel advertising spend.

Celebrating Magners renowned refreshment and its dedication to craft over time, the campaign presents drinkers with a new reason to embrace cider and moves Magners from the Clonmel orchard firmly into the world of its drinkers, attracting a younger generation of drinkers to the cider as well as reintroducing it to loyal fans.

The hero creative, titled The Alchemy of The Orchard, sees the new strategic positioning brought to life and aims to build a deeper emotional connection with cider drinkers, while reminding them of the refreshment that Magners is so well known for.

Time has always been an intrinsic part of Magners DNA and When Time Bears Fruit shifts the focus from the time spent creating Magners much-loved cider to time being spent enjoying it and the reward of time well spent in that moment.

Here’s to that moment. The moment When Time Bears Fruit.