In what must be a world first, Citroën Ireland’s latest radio ad has been recorded inside one of its own cars. To demonstrate how good the suspension in the new range of Citroën’s actually is, the creative team at Bloom decided to record the latest radio ad while the car was being driven along a bumpy Irish country road in county Wicklow. “We even made an online video just to prove that we did it” saysMichael Walsh Creative Director at Bloom.

“The Citroën brand is famous for its high-quality suspension” says Cathal Kealy, Head of Marketing at Citroën Ireland. “The iconic Citroën 2CV was initially designed to carry four people @ 30mph, across muddy and unpaved roads without disrupting its cargo – a basket of eggs) This idea is kind of a modern day version of this with a nod to comfort.”

“Our current generation of vehicles with their Advanced Comfort Technology is built on this rich heritage” continued Kealey “This is what underpins our current brand positioning - Engineered for Comfort.

“What better way to demonstrate the Advanced Comfort Technology and the Sound Insulated Cabin than to record our new radio ad in it” says Fiona Gill, Senior Account Manager at Bloom. “If a brand has something unique to say then it should just come out and say it”.

“We think this is a world first” says Michael Walsh “We couldn’t find anything else like it that had been done before”.

The campaign is running across national radio stations and digital audio while the making of the video is available online.