Industry Census 2014


Welcome to the second census of ad-land. We surveyed all IAPI member agencies in April/May 2014 and had an excellent response rate of 92%.

Itís a much more positive picture in 2014. Agencies are hiring. Employment levels are up 20% in 12 months.

We feel a lot more confident about the future in terms of growth in the industry as a whole and individual agencies. 72% of those surveyed estimate their own business will grow in 2014.

We looked at the gender composition of boards for the first time and we compare favourably to wider industry.

It remains a young personís business, the average age is 35 and more than 1/3 of all employees are under the age of 30.

Positive opportunities include the returning confidence of clients and the growth in digital billings and revenue.

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Employed in Agencies

964in Creative Agencies 581in Media Agencies
Full time staff employed in IAPI member agencies
Number of people
hired in 2013
Levels of education
have increased in
Age profile of
staff in 2014
Average Creative Agency income
Average Media Agency billings

Incidence of Having a Board of Directors

Numbers with an Irish Board

There were 29 agency responses (21 Creative and 8 Media) in relation to having a board and the total number of board members recorded breaks down as follows:

Total Creative Media
Total Directors on Irish Boards 140 87 53
Male 106 66 40
Female 34 21 13

The average was calculated by dividing the above total by the relevant number of companies.

Average Size of Irish Boards

Total Creative Media
Board Size 4.8 4.1 6.6
Male 3.6 3.1 5.0
Female 1.2 1.0 1.6

The Irish Times Top 1000 survey suggests female participation on the boards of the top 25 companies is 13%.

% Forecasting Growth for their Agency

72%in 2014 60%in 2013

Average % Growth Expected





*N=number of agencies that responded.

Staff to

56%in 2014 33%in 2013

Maternity/Paternity Benefits within IAPI Member Agencies

Incidence of providing paid Maternity leave

No47% Yes53%
of companies provide paid Maternity leave.
The 2013 IBEC Maternity Benefit report

Incidence of providing paid Paternity leave

No56% Yes44%

Gender Balance

Agencies that
offer paid
Maternity Leave
Agencies that
offer paid
Paternity Leave
Average Female
at Board Level