Kathryn is the CEO of Pearl&Dean, the cinema advertising company, famous for its “Pa, pa, pa, pa” sonic logo.

In previous roles Kathryn has worked in national newspapers, magazines, radio and in a cross media role at Scottish Media Group. As well as having the opportunity to watch films for a living, Kathryn sits on the Development Board of RADA, the Board of AOC Sport (which offers sport opportunities to college students), the Council and Board of the Advertising Association and the Executive Council of SAWA. She is a past president of WACL.

In 2016 she the book she co-authored with Sue Unerman, “The Glass Wall” was published and since then they have given over 150 talks about the book. In October 2020, Sue and Kathryn joined forces with Mark Edwards to write another book “Belonging: The Key to Transforming and Maintaining Diversity, Inclusion and Equality at Work”. Esquire called it “The most important business book of the year”.