Smithwick’s could never be described as the new kid on the block – it’s been brewing beer since 1710. In a market crowded with new craft beers, it was struggling to recruit a new generation of drinkers. We were tasked with bringing cultural relevancy to one of Ireland’s oldest brands – driving share of voice, trial and ultimately sales amongst young adults.


We began by identifying a role for Smithwick’s at the intersection of the brand story, cultural trends, the consumer’s passion points and the category. ‘Smithwick’s Soundtrack Series’ was born out of this sweet spot: iconic soundtracks re-imagined live by some of the hottest young Irish bands. Working with those who, like Smithwick’s, are ‘in it for the love of it’ we made the brand culturally relevant and inspired a new audience to ‘think to drink’ Smithwick’s.


The campaign was led by a series of live gigs celebrating the iconic soundtracks of Apocalyse Now and Pulp Fiction. We celebrated these movies with original posters by Irish illustrator, Brian Coldrick, in a graphic novel style. The dramatic original artwork was brought to life through animation and amplified across media such as outdoor, digital – and at the live gigs where consumers could enjoy a complimentary Smithwick’s sample. 


The campaign was supported by 173 OOH sites including 48 and 4 sheets, PR, partnerships and digital takeovers – the live experiences created content and conversations.


17.5 million reached through earned content, 54 pieces of earned content, sold out events with thousands of Smithwick’s sampled, 4.4 million impressions through owned social, 750,000 reached through VOD.

Find more on Verve's website
Find more on Verve's website