Jameson and TBWA\Dublin have just launched their first global campaign together. Sourced from the distillery's extensive archives, their campaign retells the true stories found within Jameson's heritage - with some twists along the way to make you smile.

Working closely with the Jameson team, TBWA/Dublin developed a way to further strengthen the brand equity with consumers while also keeping specific market needs firmly in mind. The new communications platform is about getting to the truth of the Jameson brand; relating this to Jameson's global audiences and keeping it simple.


Jameson is serious about its ingredients, its process; its product and the people who make it - but above all, it’s very serious about how its whiskey tastes. After all, it's this dedication to taste that's why its whiskey has been triple-distilled since way back when - it's also why Jameson is loved the world over. Taste has always been, and always will be Jameson's 'why'.


'Taste, That's Why' isn't treated as an endline, but as an answer and a promise. The stories we've brought to life are based on Jameson's history - they're rich, characterful and true. This realness and honesty is also conveyed in the campaign's authentic look and feel. There's no pretence, no fabrication and no nonsense, making it genuinely and wholly reflective of the Jameson story 


The creative content plan for Jameson has been developed for use in numerous markets, launching in the US, for both brand and product assets, including advertising and documentary films; outdoor, content and digital & social.


We've created a culturally relevant platform that powerfully explains Jameson's 'Why'. This campaign is currently live and getting ready for launch throughout the wider global markets.

Find more on TBWA's website
Find more on TBWA's website