Skittles is a world-renowned candy brand with a reputation for ground-breaking, idiosyncratic advertising and marketing communications.

However, possibly because of its very American bias, much of this effort had failed to resonate with the Irish trade and Irish consumers.

As a result, in Ireland the Skittles brand was in slow decline in terms of both penetration and share of market


Our core objective was to reverse decline by increasing penetration 10% YoY.

To achieve this, we needed to increase both mental and physical availability for the brand.

We designed a “shelf-back” strategy, with a retailer-engagement campaign to maximise in-store support, and TTL advertising that brought to life Skittles’ distinctly playful humour in a truly Irish way, to build salience and consideration.


Skittles’ distinctive “taste the rainbow” platform was a brand asset that we wanted to capitalise upon; bringing to life the brand’s quirky, optimistic and summery outlook.

We’re a nation obsessed with weather because we know what Irish summers are like – chance of sun, more chance of rain.

We asked Ireland to help Skittles playfully forecast the Irish Sumer weather, and if they could predict the Skittles showers then they’d could win puddles and puddles of cash.


Our campaign encompassed trade engagement, shopper marketing, radio sponsorship, OOH for big-brand feel, plus digital and social to drive recency and salience.



As a result of our campaign, Skittles achieved its highest rate of growth in three years.  We grew penetration for Skittles by 13% (3% over target), and we reversed the sales decline that the brand had experienced in the previous year; taking them from -11% YoY to +16%.

The campaign was so successful, it’s going to rain Skittles all across Ireland again in summer 2018!

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