Repak is a not-for-profit packaging recycling scheme funded by contributions from over 2,000 participating member companies. Since 1997, Repak has grown packaging recycling and recovery from 15% in 1997 to 90% in 2016.

2017 marked Repak’s 20th anniversary. To celebrate, we developed a campaign focused on what the public and Repak have achieved together over two decades.

The campaign looked to dispel misinformation around recycling levels in Ireland using an easily understood consumer-focused message.


We developed a national campaign which was visually led by the most frequently recycled household packaging items including glass, plastic, aluminium and cardboard. We used a key statistic for each specific category to communicate the volumes recycled and to celebrate the volumes of waste recycling that Ireland has achieved over the last 20 years. Commuters were targeted with a range of outdoor formats reinforced by radio, TV sponsorship, digital, social and sponsorship.



The creative communicated a simple message. Together with the support of Repak and its members, the Irish public has achieved much since 1997. Outdoor, radio, TV, digital and online partnerships featured the most commonly recycled household items, framed by the chevron from the Repak logo. Recognising that recycling is a joint effort between industry and consumers, we thanked the public for playing their part in increasing the volume of recyclable materials over 20 years.


Our media strategy focused on commuters utilising outdoor and Luas takeovers, reinforced by national and local radio, digital, TV3 stings and online partnerships.


The campaign registered the highest levels of awareness for any Repak campaign. The level of positive engagement online was very high at a time when there were many negative messages about recycling. Whilst actual recycling levels for the period will not be available for some time, anecdotally the campaign had a positive impact. The campaign was picked up by many media outlets and became part of the debate on recycling.

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Find more on Marketing Network's website