In 2016, Javelin were tasked with creating a new brand platform for Toyota, a successor to The Best Built Cars in The World, which Javelin had also created, 20 years earlier. This was no small ask, but hybrid, and Toyota leadership in the technology, gave us the means to tell a whole new story. 


Toyota is not just another car company, and we had the stories to tell to prove that, starting with the fact that hybrid was pioneered by Toyota and, at the time, few believed. Being Toyota, Toyota persevered. We would tell that story, and a new story, too, one that is unique to Toyota.


A father and son take a road trip, in a dramatic new Toyota. The father is making a dream happen for his son. Along the way, the story of hybrid is told, and the first chapter of a new story, that of a world free from harmful emissions, makes its debut. Toyota is now Built For a Better World.   


TV lead, supported by outdoor, radio and digital. If we couldn’t dominate, we didn’t do it. So, Toyota was a formidable presence in any medium we chose to use. Social helped us tell more supporting stories. At Javelin, media is tightly integrated with creative in a full-service offering. It always has been.


Built For a Better World, unprompted, is already correctly attributed to Toyota to a remarkable degree. The echo helps. It was designed to. Toyota resumed its No. 1 position in the Irish market, and Toyota Ireland’s proportion of hybrid sales is the highest of any market in Europe.   

Find more on Javelin's website
Find more on Javelin's website