Linwoods produce a range of healthy superfood combinations (seeds, nuts & berries) with over 15 different premium blends and healthy seed snacks available. The range is sold in over 25 countries worldwide. Linwoods asked ICAN to create a new campaign to reposition the brand at home and abroad.


With their average customer age at 45+, Linwoods knew they had to appeal to a younger, more active, demographic if they we going to grow sales. However, to attract a younger health-conscious audience, Linwoods knew they needed to demonstrate not only how nutritious their milled seeds are, but also how they could fit it into their target audience’s busy lives.


Taking a cue from how health & fitness influencers use social media, our campaign ‘Sprinkle Awesome’ blurred the lines between advertising and reality. Not only did it mirror health & fitness influencers’ Instagram profiles, for added authenticity, we used a real one – Hazel Wallace aka @TheFoodMedic – who could deliver the nutrition message credibly and engagingly and crucially had a ready-made social media following to leverage.


Omni-Channel Strategy – Social Media (Instagram,Twitter & Facebook), TV, Outdoor, Activations, Press, Digital Display, Web, e-commerce.


  • Increased web traffic – New ROI visitors up 343%.
  • Improved retail sales – UK up 40% and ROI up 108%
  • Increasing online sales Average – basket total up 38%. Revenue up 55%.
Find more on ICAN's website
Find more on ICAN's website