Our brief was to reposition CityJet and leverage our new strategy to increase sales.

Our key insight was that as air travel becomes more and more commoditised, many passengers feel undervalued.

This seemed like the perfect opportunity to communicate that CityJet values each and every passenger. They express this by offering a free check-in bag, free seat selection and free drinks and snacks with every fare.


Our strategy was to reference the golden age of air travel to highlight the benefits of flying with CityJet today. The campaign message was clear:

“Remember when airlines appreciated their passengers?”

This was then distilled down to:

CityJet. Be appreciated.

This new positioning was used across a 360° campaign highlighting the benefits of CityJet’s unique offering to its passengers,

However, the CityJet January Sale 2018 was the first real test of this strategy.


We developed a new logo for this campaign, along with an accompanying phrase, ‘CityJet Flight Sale’, and opted for a twin-track approach, splitting the campaign into two messages running separately, but within the same timeframe – one brand-focused message and one focused on price.

Radio was a key medium, though we also rolled out short videos on social media, a price-focused programmatic display campaign and a price-focused e-mail campaign, targeting CityJet newsletter subscribers.


The campaign ran in the UK and Ireland, with copy tailored for each market across radio, social media, programmatic display ads and an e-mail campaign.


The campaign was a huge success, resulting in double-digit growth compared to the same period last year.

Furthermore, it resulted in very happy clients, with CityJet’s Head of Revenue, Peter O’Mara, saying:

“Bonfire’s ability to understand and translate a brief into powerful concepts has been a key driver of our recent market share growth. We attribute a large portion of this growth to considered and creative messaging that captures the essence of the CityJet experience.”

Find more on Bonfire's website
Find more on Bonfire's website