About Us

Challenging times give birth to a renaissance of realism, ambition and lithe creativity. It’s back to the fundamentals for success – dedication, craft, knowledge. Bold ideas for real impacts. Memorable campaigns. Hard-nosed strategies.

In short, strategic and creative rigour.

John Sutton and Charlie O’Neill have established Ireland’s newest full service agency powered by the science and art of persuasion. We work with great clients and build great campaigns. We honestly love what we do. We care about every word, design, pack, ad, strategy TV spot and pixel.

Persuasion Republic is one of a kind. A sure hand, a deft brain and decades of experience working strategically and creatively. Our team has developed award-winning campaigns and outstanding strategies for a long list of very happy clients.

Key People
Key People
John Sutton
John Sutton
Managing Director
Charlie O’ Neill
 Agency Creative Director
Edel Hackett
Head of Advocacy and Awareness
Susan Smith
Head of Fundraising
Daragh O’ Toole
Head of Brand, Design & Digital 
Geraline O’Dowd
Head of Finance and Administration