Pitch Accreditation Process Updated and Revised

In early 2019, we formed a Pitching Council where we evaluated the process of accreditation. The purpose of this was to ensure that pitch consultants that were accredited were following IAPI Guidelines and to ensure that any breaches were taken seriously. Our ambition for the new accreditation process was to foster a greater sense of collaboration and open dialogue between auditors and agencies, to provide workable solutions to some of the challenges that arise. During the accreditation period, IAPI contacted several pitch consultants with follow up questions and clarifications on the submissions that were received.

The new accreditation process is applicable for a two-year period. After this period expires, the accreditation will need to be re-applied for. Following the accreditation process and to ensure that IAPI is representing the collective views of the industry, it was agreed that a survey would be issued twice yearly to agencies to measure the adherence to IAPI Guidelines and any key challenges that need to be addressed.