Bringing your whole self to the office
Bringing your whole self to the office

While You Were Out (WYWO) is a quarterly meet up for women and men in the creative and media industries who are currently on maternity leave or long term/extended sick leave and would like to get back to work. It's intended to offer support and guidance from peers in the industry who have been there, and done that!

No matter how much you love your job, returning to work after an extended period of leave can be a daunting, overwhelming prospect. Returning directly after maternity leave or long term/extended sick leave is also a point at which we know many people step off or fall off the career ladder, unable to see how their life priorities can be balanced.

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June WYWO Session
June WYWO Session

During our June session of WYWO we talked about the evoling landscape at work in the Creative Commercial industry in Dublin. As we inches closer to full employment the shift towards an employee's market is clear. Employees are asking for more flexibility at work and businesses that are reacting to these needs & providing more options for their teams are seeing the benefits.

Most recently in the Irish market - Molson Coors (Ireland's third largest brewery), have announced they will be rolling out 'Life Leave' for all their employees. It is an extended leave programme that can be used for anything from taking time to settle in a new puppy at home, moving house, studying for exams, or the days leading up to a wedding.

Ryan McFarland, at Molson Coors, said: “The way we all work has changed. For our people to perform at their best, we recognise they need an employer that provides flexibility and understands their personal priorities." Irish Times, August 2019

Kara Heriot from, a regular meet up for mothers and babies, joined us for the morning meet up and talked about how mindset is key in readying yourself for the return to work. As part of their events at Mumtalks, they've created a support network where mums can share their experiences of motherhood, specifically focused on career advice and community.

Here is and article we put together after one of our previous WYWO sessions with tips on how to prepare yourself when returning to work after parental leave.

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We discussed emotional intelligence in the work place, specifically the strength one can find in expressing your vulnerability and the modern movement towards being your whole self at work. Here is an interesting read from Forbes on The Advantages and Importance of Being Courageously Vulnerable At Work.

“Leaders today have to be more vulnerable, they have to put themselves out there a lot more than they probably are comfortable doing." Forbes

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