Verve|Showrunner have recently launched their first summer campaign with Tayto. It truly shows us that absence makes the heart grow fonder, as the crisp icon himself has been removed from his trademark red and blue packaging, as well as from all his social channels.

His disappearance has already caused a stir online, as Tweets and comments have flooded Tayto's social media, ranging from crisp puns to theories of his whereabouts to fan-made videos investigating the case.

To dig a little deeper, a series of films for social were created with filmmaker Ger Walsh, starring much-loved funny influencer folk - Justine Stafford, Miriam Mullins, & Frankie ‘Meditations for the Anxious Mind’ McNamara, as they try to hunt him down and get over his disappearance. You can watch Frankie’s here, Justine’s here, and Miriam’s here.

To keep the nation updated, Grainne Seoige released a special news report last week, giving updates on his whereabouts. Watch here.

Now after much speculation, Tayto themselves will hold a press conference today, releasing a statement and finally answering the question, “Where is Mr.Tayto?”.

Keep an eye out for the next phase of the campaign at