Laura Costello, Strategy Director Purpose & Planet at THINKHOUSE has been named by Forbes Magazine as one of 43 People Changing Advertising for the Climate. She sits in inspiring company among people behind Creatives For Climate, Conscious Advertising Network, and Clean Creatives. A passionate climate advocate, Laura leads THINKHOUSE’s ‘Planet’ services - sustainability and purpose-driven work. In addition to brand projects, this includes managing the company’s B Corp certification process and driving sustainability education programmes.

Laura founded Purpose Disruptors in Ireland in 2020 (with the support of Jane McDaid, THINKHOUSE, IAPI and in collaboration with Colette Henry, Rothco; Eimear Fitzmaurice, Folk Wunderman Thompson; and Thomas Geoghan, PHD). She contributed to Purpose Disruptor’s GoodLife2030 project and co-authored The Great Reset White Paper - outlining the opportunities the Covid-19 moment created to reshape the industry to serve people and planet. THINKHOUSE Planet services were set up 4 years ago with one or two commissioning clients. Now almost every brand in the agency’s portfolio is seeking this consultancy and specialist creative & communications work - a seismic shift.

This is a critical moment to level-up as an industry and harness the best of its imagination and skills to create in service of life. As Solitaire Townsend writes:

“Advertising plays a pivotal role in climate change. On one hand, advertising defends the destructive oil and gas industry, greenwashes brands and drives consumption… But on the other hand, the power of creativity and storytelling could change the course of climate change…The creative industry must pick a side.”

The full article is available on Forbes here>>