Bread 41 have unveiled their annual gingerbread village
Bread 41 have unveiled their annual gingerbread village

With Christmas on the horizon, Bread 41 have unveiled their annual gingerbread village, a tradition that has taken on a heartwarming twist this year.

Embracing the spirit of inclusivity, The Public House worked with the bakery to include gingerbread people with limb differences, to better represent our community and help more people feel included in this festive celebration. The creative approach taken by The Public House was simply to show how Christmas isn’t cookie cutter and should be inclusive for all.

Eoin Cluskey of Bread 41 said “Making sure to include everyone in our annual Bread 41 gingerbread village makes the tradition even more special and meaningful. We are delighted to be able to bring our piping bags and gingerbread to the table and be a part of this great cause! Inclusivity, creativity and baking – A recipe for something really great!“

Raising funds for Reach Ireland, and the National Rehabilitation Hospital, this addition to Bread 41’s annual gingerbread village is the latest pro bono Christmas project launched by the Public House.

Briony May Williams, Reach Ireland Ambassador and Bake Off star, said “I absolutely love gingerbread, I make it every year with my daughter, so to see these gorgeous little gingerbread people with limb differences makes my heart happy. Representation matters, even in baked goods!”

Edel Lambe of The National Rehabilitation Hospital said “ The funds raised from this very exciting fundraising initiative will make a very impactful difference in supporting adults and children in the NRH as they travel on their individual rehabilitation journey and for this we are extremely grateful.”

Paddy O’Mahoney, Associate Creative Director at The Public House said: “This is an exciting time of year for kids, and we hope seeing gingerbread people that look like them will send some children’s Christmas excitement to new heights. ” The enchanting gingerbread village is now on display and open for public viewing, welcoming passersby, customers, and anyone in search of a dose of Christmas spirit.

The campaign for The Public House continues a successful year with the growing independent creative agency’s clients include Jameson and EPIC: The Irish Emigration Museum, FBD and Barnardos. The agency is known for its strategic rigour and creative edge that delivers for its clients, with a principle that ‘Boring Doesn’t Sell’.