Thursday 18thJuly - the Future Heads Summer Party, hosted by IAPI, took place at The Grand Social.

Ping-pong champions Michael Rekab and Tim Kavanagh (Big Boys Small Balls) from Publicis took home the winning trophy. The victory being their third in a row in the annual tournament.

Congratulations to everyone that took part and to all the spectators for joining in the fun.

Runners Up

Team Name: The Public(is) House

Team Members: Ian McCabe, Sarah Walsh

Agency: The Public House, Publicis

Quarter Finalists

Team Name: The Gentle Lentils

Team Members: Amar Jacob, Rohit Verma

Agency: In the Company of Huskies

Team Name: Me Love You Pong Time

Team Members: Sean Rae, Keith McGarry

Agency: Spark Foundry

Best Team Name Winners

Team Name: The Democratic Republic of Pong

Team Members: Cardinal Shane O’Hare, Professor Tom Connolly

Agency: Bloom

From all of us here at IAPI, we would like to say a huge thank you to our main sponsor Media Central for supporting us in putting together this year's party.

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