Building a Network of Peers who will be Leaders in this Industry and Market in the Years to Come.
Building a Network of Peers who will be Leaders in this Industry and Market in the Years to Come.

With the generous support of our bursary sponsor Diageo, we are delighted that we were able to close out the 2021 Female Futures Fund training yesterday. This was the second year that we ran the bursary for high potential females across our membership.

We had 25 successful applicants who availed of the group leadership coaching programme that was facilitated by Danica Murphy (Founder & Director, Prism) with support from both IAPI and Diageo female leaders.

Given the significant changes to our working lives in the last 12 months, we collaborated with Diageo and designed the 2021 programme to broaden its’ reach through comprehensive group leadership coaching.

Stha Banks, Head Paid Social, Core & Chair of Diversity & Inclusion Council, IAPI said I am so glad IAPI opened the Leadership programme to more women this year. The energy in the room of 25 talented women from our industry eager to learn, to reset and support one another was so fulfilling. Danica crafted and delivered a very smart programme that will have a long-lasting positive impact for our industry. I honestly cannot wait to see the evolution of this cohort and more opportunities like this.

Danica Murphy, founder and director of Prism said, "The IAPI / Diageo/ Design Skillnet Female Futures Programme was a three-month leadership journey focused on developing :

  • the self in terms of confidence, purpose, and aspiration.
  • the professional profile of each participant by focusing on leadership style, mentoring, sponsorship and communication
  • the community by building a network of peers who will be leaders in this industry and market in the years to come"

We provided a highly engaging programme designed to meet each of our future female leaders exactly where they are today and stretch them to support their growth into the future. The programme has been supported by an amazing collection of female leaders from across the industry who came and shared their own stories of their leadership journeys including Grainne Wafer (Diageo Global Brand Director), Jennifer English (Baileys Global Brand Director), Fiona Fields (Managing Director, OMD), Margaret Gilsenan (Partner & Head of Strategy, Boys+Girls) and Sarah Love (Managing Director, Goosebump)."

IAPI take this opportunity to thank our bursary partner Diageo and particularly, acknowledge our Diageo leads Carol Montgomery and Sian Deegan who have helped steer this year's programme from the outset. We are delighted to recognise the participation this programme has received from our members and in particular the support from the IAPI Diversity & Inclusion Council.

Participant Testimonials
Participant Testimonials

“It’s not often we get to stop and reflect. The Female Future Programme allowed us to do exactly that. It taught us how to look at our careers outside of the day-to-day workload. It allowed us to look in-depth at ourselves and our own brand and future. No doubt the skills learned will be brought with me throughout my future career.I highly recommend the programme for any future female leaders in the industry. Being surrounded by 25 female peers is empowering. There was no competition between women-only building each other up. Looking forward to a future in the industry with such amazingly talented women.” Sarah Chadwick, BOYS + GIRLS

“Danica and the team developed a thoughtful, well-executed series of workshops that were filled with perspective-shifting insights as well as invaluable networking opportunities.” Maura O Malley, Marketing Network

"I found the whole Female Future Fund experience incredibly empowering! I've come away with a greater knowledge of myself and what I stand for - it's helped me realise my full potential. From day one, the support from the other women was amazing. To be in a room with 24 other ladies, in similar positions and stages of their career and have nothing but encouragement and motivation was truly inspiring. I would recommend this programme wholeheartedly!" Sarah Byrne, Verve

"The Female Futures Fund training has been a highlight of my career. Danica is one of the most inspiring people I’ve met who brings an entirely new way of looking at leadership and creates action on the back of her content and delivery. This is a must do training for anyone looking to take the next leap in a leadership role." Gemma Gilmore, Spark Foundry