Research shows that weight-gain is influenced by multiple factors including environment, access to healthy and affordable food, physical activity, genetic make- up, and lifestyle.

As part of the Department of Health Healthy Ireland’s role is to improve the health and wellbeing of people in Ireland.

They challenged TBWA\Dublin to develop a preventative campaign to target 25 to 34-year-olds, with a focus on lower socioeconomic groups, and focussed on four pillars – sleep, stress, physical activity, and nutrition. To do this, TBWA\Dublin created an entirely social campaign across Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

TBWA\Dublin Creative lead, Adam Crane said, “The job of our campaign is to empower people towards healthier choices. It’s about letting them know - in an authentic way - that Healthy Ireland is there to guide them with expert advice that will help prevent the many health and mental issues that arise from not taking action.”

Authenticity informed every aspect of the campaign which mixes live action (shot by Bolt, TBWA\Dublin’s in-house production house) featuring streetcast performers and vivid, urban-styled animation (developed by Spanish animation house, Naolito).

Department of Health Head of Communications, Deirdre Watterssaid: “This campaign, in many ways, is a world first as we, as a Department, work to change the narrative around overweight and obesity. It communicates to young people the risks and opportunities that this period of life can offer when it comes to prevention of overweight and obesity in the form of the four pillars of the Healthy Weight campaign. Eating healthily, keeping active, managing stress and sleeping well are all habits that can help us prevent weight gain as we move through this stage of life.”

TBWA\ Dublin Head of Account Management, Paula Kelly added that, “We feel privileged to work with Healthy Ireland on a campaign that looks to reframe the conversation around obesity. Throughout the process, we tested our work with the 24-35 year age group to ensure that the messaging and executions resonated with the audience in a relevant and authentic way. Our ongoing collaboration with consumers informed our understanding of how diet, sleep, stress and exercise all influence and contribute to obesity in Ireland.”