Share, Teach, Elevate, Progress, and Support
Share, Teach, Elevate, Progress, and Support

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the STEPS mentorship programme, a collaborative mentoring initiative with IAPI and the Marketing Society Future Council, designed to empower the next generation of Marketing and Advertising leaders.

STEPS stands for Share, Teach, Elevate, Progress, and Support — core values that guide our mission to foster a culture of continuous growth and mutual development in our industry.

We recognise the responsibility for senior managers to share hard-earned wisdom and essential skills with young professionals within the industry. This programme not only supports their growth but also provides mentors with valuable training and coaching, enhancing their leadership abilities and keeping our industry dynamic and innovative.

This collaborative effort between IAPI and the Marketing Society Future Council is set to strengthen our entire industry. By participating in STEPS, we're building a vibrant community where everyone can thrive.

Join us on this journey to elevate, progress, and support the future leaders of Marketing and Advertising!

Discover the benefits of becoming a mentor or mentee, including skill development, networking opportunities, and career advancement.

Right now, we’re recruiting our Mentors. Express your interest in the programme by Friday 21st June and be part of this exciting initiative by applying below.

Mentor Application Form>>

Adam Brannigan, Group Account Director, Frank & Bear/Frankly & IAPI Board Member speaking on the launch of the initiative said "The STEPS mentorship program is a vital initiative designed to nurture the next generation of marketing and advertising leaders while enriching the skills and perspectives of our mentors. As senior managers, we have a responsibility to share our hard-earned wisdom and essential skills to support the growth of young professionals. By participating in this program, mentors receive valuable training and coaching, enhancing their leadership abilities and keeping our industry dynamic and innovative. This collaborative effort between IAPI and The Marketing Society Future Council strengthens our entire industry, fostering a culture of mutual growth and progress. I am proud to be part of providing the guidance and support that will propel our field forward."

Laura Cassidy, Manager, Accenture Song & Marketing Society Future Council Chairperson added "We are so excited to be launching this new programme in partnership with IAPI – This initiative is incredibly important and needs to be done the right way in order to leave a lasting legacy. We have found that often mentorship programmes solely prioritize the mentees' experience, failing to provide the foundational support that mentors need to thrive. STEPS ensures that the programme is enriching for mentors and mentees alike! Our goal is that STEPS becomes a way to empower some of the best in our industry to mentor the next generation, setting both cohorts up for success and supporting them along the way. STEPS is designed to offer managers the opportunity to enhance their leadership expertise, expand their networks, and become influential voices, as they guide, nurture, and inspire the next wave of talent in our industry."


The STEPS Mentor Programme in collaboration with IAPI Futureheads and the Marketing Society’s Future Council exists to help industry talent, either new to or looking to join the industry, thrive.

We believe that with the right infrastructure of support in place a new generation of talent can come through, bringing with them enormous value, diversity and creativity to the industry.

To enable us to create the best mentoring programme that we can we believe that the focus must first be on the Mentors. We want to recruit those that wish to enhance their management skills, improve their empathy, share their experiences, and develop their own career further by giving back as a mentor.

The programme’s mentors will be industry experts, senior-leaders with a wealth of knowledge, and will include a mix of Agency and Client side.

All mentors will participate in mentor training on August 22nd in preparation for the programme’s launch. This will be a comprehensive half-day workshop; please see below to learn more.

The STEPS mentoring programme runs over a 6-month period, beginning in September 2024 to March 2025 and you can expect anywhere between 6-12 sessions with your partner.

To apply to take part as either a mentor or mentee, please complete the relevant application form. Once you've done that we will review the information you've shared to make sure you're matched as best as possible to compliment each other's skills and ambitions.

Who can apply?


If you have been working in the industry for 10 years or more, are in a senior position, and would like to provide your experience, support and guidance, then please apply to become one of our mentors.


If you have been working in the industry for less than 5 years and would like to apply to be a mentee, we'd love to hear from you.

Please note: You must be employed by an IAPI member agency or be a member of the Marketing Society of Ireland to apply.

How to apply:

Mentor applications are now open and will close on Friday 21st June. Once applications have closed we'll be in touch to invite successful applicants to your introduction to the programme – this involves a mandatory training workshop taking place on August 22nd, please ensure you’re available at time of application.

APPLY NOW: Mentor Application Form>>

Mentees - Mark your calendar! Applications will open for you at the end of June.

Why Mentors?

We believe good Mentors are vital in providing support and guidance to those in the Marketing & Advertising industry. Mentors play a key role in increasing their Mentees’ ability to thrive within the industry.

Our Mentors?

By September, all Mentors will have completed mentoring training, and signed up to our code of conduct. Experienced figures in the advertising and marketing industries bringing with them strong leadership experience and long tenures in the industry.

At the end of the programme your Mentor will invite you to share the experience and any feedback you may have in order for us to improve the programme.

STEPS Training Date - 22nd August
STEPS Training Date - 22nd August

Muscle Up Your Mentoring - The role, benefit and practice of being a great mentor with Danica Murphy, PRISM.

Long-term, sustained professional success and achievement is not an accident or a solo endeavour. It takes thought, focus, connection and rigour to stay at the top of that game. Mentoring plays an important role in the successful careers of Mentees - but also in the development, engagement, connection and success of Mentors. Exploring the “why,” “how” and “what’s in it for me” of mentoring as a Mentor is a great leadership muscle builder.

This workshop will draw on current business research showing the clear impact that Mentoring has on the energy, pace and scope of advancement for both Mentee and Mentor. We will look at the difference and importance of sponsors, mentors, advisors and coaches in navigating growth and how to best fulfil the role of Mentor as part of this valuable industry development initiative.

By understanding these roles and by learning (in a hands-on and pragmatic way) the best practices and skills for effective mentoring you will position yourself for real impact – to your Mentee and to your own career.

We will focus on practical ways to build the skills of Mentoring such as open questioning, deep listening, feedback and coaching. We will reference concepts important to most Mentees today so that you, as a Mentor, are forewarned and forearmed to give support and guidance.

We will also provide a toolkit of practical and effective tools to help you scope, progress and develop your mentoring conversations and relationships.

Please note: After the selection process is completed, for those advancing forward in the programme, there is a €50 workshop fee to be covered by the Mentor's Organisation.