Brian Pennie on Anxiety
Brian Pennie on Anxiety

In this webinar, Brian Pennie discusses his life, how he beat his addiction and how anxiety and overthinking – the things that drove him towards addiction – came back into his life. To deal with with his anxiety he developed his 'Programme for life'.

This program includes a range of tools and strategies that focus on self-awareness, decision-making, and mind-set change strategies. He provides tangible and easy take-aways based on his own studies and discoveries through his own PhD scholarship in Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience.

Throughout this webinar Brian references several resources and techniques that you can use to frame your perspective when it comes to dealing with anxiety. These include -

How to Use Brain Science to Beat COVID-19 Related Anxiety

The Biology of Mindfulness and Mindlessness — A Neuroscientist’s Perspective

Circle of concern

How To Find Your True Self

These 6 Tactics Helped Me To Beat Chronic Anxiety And Heroin Addiction

Brian is a keynote speaker, a PhD student, a lecturer in Trinity College and University College Dublin, a life change-strategist, a radio presenter, and author of his recently published memoir, Bonus Time.

He runs online courses for dealing with anxiety which can be accessed here

"This was an excellent talk, very raw and inspiring. I have just watched it again and will be recommending it to my colleagues."